STAY-AT-HOME ACTIVITIES | From Our Files With The Family

Many of you have been at home together as a family a lot in the past weeks. But some of you might also have a parent working in a grocery store, a hospital, a cleaning facility, in a nursing home, or somewhere else where work has to keep going, and you wish you could see them more. You might be missing your friends and teachers. Maybe there were exciting events or projects which had to be put on hold. Even if we are safe and comfortable, it’s hard when everything changes so quickly. These projects help to remind us that there are many ways to be together and to be at home. You will see your friends, family, and all the people that you care about again; in the meantime, here are some ideas for things to talk about and activities to try. 


Each week, explore projects from our archives through two series of conversation starters and DIY experiments. Our series for families introduces projects which help us imagine new ways of being together and being at home during this period of physical distancing, with activities to try and questions to ask each other. Our series for the general public brings together projects from our archives which have explored various kinds of intimate ecologies, and prompts reflection and conversation to nourish our collective imagination.

FAMILY: Being Together #1

Inspired by Coral Short's ASMR and nature workshop Floral Sleep, explore the sounds made by objects you have at home.

FAMILY: Being Together #2

Learn about Julie Faubert’s unusual dinners in the park, and try out some long-distance ways of sharing everyday life with friends and family.

FAMILY: Being Together #3

Inspired by Anne Goldenberg’s Hardware Stories, discover more about the digital objects we use every day and how they can be reused and adapted.

FAMILY: Being Together #4

In the spirit of Sarah Chouinard-Poirier’s project indexE, learn and share information about female, trans, non-binary and queer authors.