Casa Rara Studio

Dirigé par les cofondateurs Ruben Farrus et Tali Goldstein, l’équipe de CASA RARA crée des expériences en réalité virtuelle significatives dont le but est d’attirer un large public tout en ayant un impact positif sur la société. CASA RARA croit que le milieu de la réalité virtuelle changera le monde et la façon dont la société perçoit le jeu vidéo. Leurs jeux traitent d’histoires humaines – sujet généralement exploré dans les émissions de télévision et les films traditionnels, et ayant un attrait largement reconnu.



Ruben has 9 years’ experience taking games from inception to worldwide launch. He learned and perfected his craft at AAA developers Electronic Arts and Eidos before playing a decisive creative role in establishing Minority Media’s reputation with games like award-winning Papo & Yo and Spirits of Spring. Respected across the game industry, Ruben’s numerous keynotes, master classes, and workshops, have inspired his peers.

Ruben worked with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) on I Love Potatoes, a narrative game about social innovation. Since launch, the game has been collecting prizes for its engaging social features and transformative thematic (among others 2015’s Best Social Game at the Canadian Videogame Awards; 2016’s NUMIX Grand Prix; 2017’s Best Original Interactive Production by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.)

Since 2013 Ruben has been exploring the VR medium with gaming, educational and artistic projects: Minority Media’s Time Machine VR, Niwîchewâkan: Cree Syllabics VR (with the Cree School Board) and Museum Of Symmetry (with the National Film Board again).

With his vision, Ruben will capture the imagination of the public again and create an experience that completely redefines what is possible in the VR medium.


With over 11 years’ experience as a producer, Tali has filled leadership roles for her entire professional life. She has expertly managed budgets of over 5M USD, in addition to having spearheaded 8 successful CMF funding submissions in development, production, and marketing.

In her role as Minority Media’s producer, she shipped many games, including the critically-acclaimed Papo & Yo, the App Store chart topper Loco Motors, and the ground-breaking Spirits of Spring. Her most recent project, Time Machine VR, was one of the most acclaimed lunch games for VR devices, praised by the industry and gaming press, and nominated for a 2016 NUMIX award. As a studio manager, Tali took Minority Media from a 5-people startup to one of Canada’s leading developers at the forefront of VR innovation, employing 40 highly-talented professionals.

Tali has excellent established relationships with all the major digital content publishers, including Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Valve, Steam, Facebook, Oculus VR, HTC and Samsung.

Today Tali is one of the top producers in the games and VR industry. Her past experience and know-how assures that Casa Rara’s new games will have the best chances to become a worldwide success and a reference in the VR industry for years to come.

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