Wired Women Salon #75 + First Person Digital

2009-12-15 14:00 - 17:30
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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 @ 7:00 PM

CAP OFF 2009 WITH AN INSPIRING CELEBRATION OF ART :: Artworks + Guest Speaker + Live Music + Party

Eastern Bloc, 7240 Clark (corner Jean-Talon East)
De Castelnau or Jean-Talon Metro, Montréal
Free for Studio XX members, $5.00 public.
Food and refreshments will be served.

Join us for this celebration of creativity and kick off 2010 with inspiration! 

Studio XX closes the year in style with a celebration of creativity showcasing the culmination of its Fall projects. Join us at Eastern Bloc, Mile End’s new hot spot for media art dissemination. Studio XX’s Fall Artists in Residence will be premiering the fruits of their labour : Maritime sound artist and radio documentary maker Janna Graham will immerse the audience in A Sort of Song, a multi-channel sound installation. Multidisciplinary artist Jessica MacCormack will screen her newest animated short film Psychic Capital, created with Rae Spoon..

Award-winning Guest Speaker Carol Whiteman, will present How to Build Drama on the Screen and Trust in the Team, created specifically for Studio XX and The National Film Board of Canada’s collaborative training and production initiative First Person Digital. Carol is a President of Creative Women Workshops and Producer of the legendary Women In the Director’s Chair Workshop (WIDC) at The Banff Centre. Project Heads Kat Baulu and Paulina Abarca-Cantin will outline the next stages for participation and application to First Person Digital.

Taking us into the night, musician-of-the-moment Rae Spoon will play his superb Canadian Gothic tunes from superioryouareinferior, to help you sway into the holidays.


Photo : Speaker pond 2Janna Graham 

Maritime sound artist, journalist and radio documentary maker Janna Graham will plunge the audience in 'A Sort of Song',  an immersive multi-channel sound installation exploring mobile and locative sound experiences.

Jessica MacCormackJessica MacCormack

World Premiere: Psychic Capital is a collaboration between artist Jessica MacCormack and musician/sound artist Rae Spoon. This project combines experimental animation and sound to explore how identity development is informed (and sometimes controlled) by psychiatry’s relationship with capitalism and its broader political objectives. The animation uses innovative combinations of stop-motion, graphic animation, cutout and hand-drawn processes. The soundtrack produces a non-linear narrative by mixing songs, samples of recordings as well as by generating electronic sound and noise by manipulating sound waves or acoustic signals on computer programs. 


carol=Carol Whiteman


How to Build Drama on the Screen and Trust in the Team
- Explore the importance of story
- Explore the concept of success measurement: Process vs. Product 
- Introduce the Other Side of the Change Curve, an alternative to traditional story structure
- Provide case studies from the NFB Library and other sources
- Give an overview of the Layers of TrustWIDC, as a Case Study

NFBCanadian Heritage

Photo : Rae SpoonRae Spoon 

Musician-of-the-moment Rae Spoon will play his superb Canadian Gothic tunes from superioryouareinferior, his fourth solo album. superioryouareinferior is an album of the times in that it doesn’t stick to one genre, but it retains Rae’s respect for well written songs and folk music roots that keep him connected to his audience.