Wired Women Salon #73

2009-06-18 14:00 - 17:00
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Final Event of the 08-09 Season Thursday, June 18h from 6:00 - 9:00 PM Studio XX at Dazibao 4001 Berri, 2è étage, Montréal, info: 514-845-7934
Entrance fee: $2.00
Studio XX will proudly celebrate the conclusion the season with a showcase of outstanding creations given life in 08-09 : installations, performances, the launch of the 15th anniversary edition of electronic journal .dpi #15, the POV project offering a singular interpretation of the Matricules archives and a presentation of the jesuisfeministe.com blog.
We look forward to seeing you there! Refreshments and light fare will be served.

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Premières/ vernissage of New Works Produced in the context of Studio XX’s Artist Residencies

The Fitful Sleeper, Rickie Lea Owens
Interactive Animation Installation

I got the idea for the Fitful Sleeper at the end of a very bad day. It’s a kind of fable that deals with denial, the idea of ‘sleeping your troubles away’, which you can’t really do, and I invite the audience to try and wake the sleeper up. But watch out!: In collaboration with Philippe Hughes, the sleeper has been developed to adapt to it’s surroundings, and it becomes a bit of a game.

Rickie Lea Owens makes short and sqeaky cartoons. She has exhibited in Canada and her films have been screened in the United States, Germany, Poland, Macedonia, Estonia and Holland.

L’excitation sonore de Zoé T., Martine H. Crispo
Sound Installation, prototype

Sound artist and musician Martine H. Crispo will present her new research prototype L’excitation sonore de Zoé T., a sound installation project taking its form from the zootrope.

These days, she can be found tinkering in her studio and experimenting with new modes of generating sound by modifying the circuits of vintage electronic educational toys. Most recently, she has begun fabricating electronic circuits that create music by triggering motors, electro-magnets, solenoids and other objects in motion.


• Launch

Earlier this year, Studio XX invited Paule Mackrous as curator to explore the Matricules archive and offer us a Point of View reading of her findings.
"XX Fantastic" is the result of her thematic journey within the Matricules archive.

15th Anniversary of Studio XX's electronic journal .dpi
In 2004, the Studio XX community dreamed of an online journal offering a place for exchange ad reflection of cyberfeminism. Fifteen issues later, we mark this momentous occasion with a celebratory issue: Virtual characters: artistic creations and personal archives in Web 2.0.


• Performance

By the project collective From China to Quebec and Christine Brault

Impassioned by Chinese culture, artist Christine Brault realized an artist residency in Beijing and participated in international events in Shanghai in May 2008. In September 2008, Brault initiated a co-creation project with a group of Chinese women now living in Montreal collaboration with Studio XX and Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal. Drawing from Chinese traditional arts and integrating contemporary art, the Chinoises à Québécoises (From China to Quebec) collective proposes a performance where cultural blending unites singing with human weaving.

在XX工作室和满城华人服务中心的支持下,Christine Brault于二〇〇八年发起了这一由一群生活在满城的华裔女性共同参与的集体创作项目。“从中国到魁北克”创作组从中国传统艺术当中汲取灵感,将其与现代艺术相结合,编排了一场将歌唱和编织动作融为一体的跨文化表演。热爱中国文化的Christine Brault曾于二〇〇八年五月作为艺术家栖居于北京,并参加了一场于上海举办的国际展览和表演。



Presentation of the young feminist blog, with Marianne Prairie, one of the project instigators.

Supported by the legendary magazine La vie en Rose and StudioXX, jesuisfeministe.com, a blog of young feminists from the province of Québec, was launched in October 2008. This project of electronic correspondences was born from the motivation to break the isolation of young French speaking feminists, to give them a place to express themselves freely, furiously and joyfully.

BIO : Graduating in Communication studies – Interactive media, Marianne discovered her feminist calling in university where she discovered a marked absence of women in new technologies. With the assistance from the Art History Department, she undertook research on cyberfeminism. Marianne is also a founder member of the artistic and comic quintet Les Moquettes Coquettes who have been performing on radio, stage and the web since 2004.