From China to Quebec

2008-10-15 07:19
Christine Brault, China, 2008. Photo by : Éric Dufresne-Arbique.
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From China to Quebec is a project by which Studio XX is initiating a dialogue with Montreal’s Chinese women. Although the Chinese community settled in Montreal over a century ago, Chinese women remain largely withdrawn from Quebec society. This situation raises issues of isolation, fragility, precariousness and immobility. Through a series of workshops, some emphasizing means of expression proper to Chinese culture and others proposing new techniques and technologies, a talented group of Chinese women will acquire new communication skills (audio recording, website creation, Internet navigation) and participate in discussion-encounters between communities. We hope to provide them with a few keys allowing them to better understand Quebec society and encouraging them to express: What is the perspective of Chinese women in today’s Quebec? This project will be undertaken over two years in partnership with the Chinese Family Services of Greater Montreal and with generous support from la Ville de Montréal’s Programme montréalais d’action culturelle. Concept and Project Director Christine Brault will collaborate with Ms. Chia Ling Chung, Women’s Club Coordinator and Ms.XiXi Li, Acting Director: Chinese Family Services of Greater Montreal. Groupe de femme d'un atelier donné par le Service à la famille chinoise du Grand Montréal, 2008 Women’s Club, Chinese Family Services of Greater Montreal. Photo by Chritine Brault.