Studio XX Newsletter 28 - March 2006

REMINDER : Femmes br@nchées #62 - BEMF [March 30]
> Meta FB #05 : workshop with David Still [April 29]
> REMINDER :: CALL for Residencies & Coproductions [April 7]
> Studio XX Workshops
> Chantal duPont at Hexagram Mondays
> CALL for papers : Mapping Feminist Scholarship [April 7]
> Crash Course: Art & Feminism [April 2]
> VFP Vidéos de femmes dans le parc 2006 [May 19]
> function: Feminism Call for cyberfeminist projects

Femmes br@nchées #62 :: BEMF (Bernie's Electronic Music Festival)

30th March at Studio XX, 6:00PM, free or pay-what-you-can

Make it : Informal Discussion on Electronic Music animated by Bernie Bankrupt (LOE) with JD Samson (Le Tigre, NYC), Anne-Françoise Jacques (Minibloc), DJ Mini. Shake it : party with djs JD Samson, Lynne T, Leila P at Playhouse 5656 Parc Avenue, 22:00PM, 8$
A satellite event of the Edgy Women Festival, in collaboration with Studio 303.

Details :

The presentations will be in both French and English.
free or pay-what-you-can
Please pass on this invitation! Hope to see you there!

338 Terrasse Saint-Denis, Montréal (Québec) H2X 1E8
Just south of Sherbrooke, off St. Denis
Metro Sherbrooke, or bus 24 (Sherbrooke) or 125 (Ontario).
(514) 845-0289 /

Méta femmes br@nchées no 5 :: Identity-sharing

On April 29th, Studio XX will hold a seminar-workshop with David Still. Following an interview with him via email, featured in the fifth issue of .dpi, Mr. Still has gladly accepted our invitation in sharing his skills in person. The workshop will take place during Studio XX’s celebrations of its Xth anniversary. Studio XX was founded in April 1996.

The hands-on seminar takes place April 29th 2006, from 1:00PM to 3:00PM at Studio XX.
Registration :
More information :

Identity-sharing workshop
In this hands-on workshop, David Still will teach you to be him, to use his online personality, to use his mail, inbox and outbox, and maybe much more... In case you would prefer to be someone else than him, he will show you other possibilities. Give yourself a holiday away from yourself, take on another gender, another age, another name: this is all so very easy when online.

David Still is an identity donor who offers his personality online to anybody who wants to be him. A recent emigrant to Almere, Netherlands, 32 years old, David Still works as an IT Consultant for a small but expanding start-up business that specializes in communication systems. David Still is both the artist and the artwork, a cyber-persona created by an artist who built his personality, chose his image and maintains his story. In May 2002, the F.A.A.Q. (Frequently Asked and Answered Questions) was inaugurated. This self-reflective part of the site requires that visitors both ask and answer the questions, highlighting the fact that each visitor is indeed playing the role of David Still, and thus has the authority to reply to other visitor's pressing questions, providing amusing and taunting responses. In March 2003, David Still had the opportunity to introduce his real life to his online existence. Hosted by the Cargo gallery in Almere's De Realiteit neighborhood (home to David's blue house), David Still celebrated his birthday, surrounded by family, friends and secret admirers. He was nominated for a Webby Award in 2003, and in 2004, he was the recipient of the CYNETart Award 2004 at the CYNETart Festival in Dresden, Germany.


Studio XX receives on-going submissions for its residency and coproduction programs, however the selection of projects for the upcoming season (Fall 2006 - Winter 2007) is imminent. Please note that priority will be given to projects that address our current curatorial theme of Mobility.

Deadline for applications : April 7, 2006
• thematic residency
• virtual residency
• open residency

Details on residencies

Submit a proposal - Online registration :

Studio XX Workshops

Courses offered in April :

> Stéphanie Lagueux (in french)
18 hours / $225 - Thues. 25 APR. - 30 MAY 2006, 6 pm to 9 pm
> Stéphanie Lagueux (français)
During this introductory course to Web development, the participants will produce a Web site by various methods. In the programme: creation of Web pages with the graphic editor NVU, HTML programming with BlueFish, learning about cascading style sheets and content management software (touching on the creation of wikis, blogs and data bases). All the software used are free, open source and available for various platforms.


T. 514.845-0289

** Consult this page for more details >

Chantal duPont at Hexagram Mondays

Chantal duPont, artist in residency at Studio XX, will present her project at the Hexagram Mondays

Chantal duPont, a collaborative scripting model on line
work in progress
Monday, April 10th, 2006 at 6PM
1195, SAINT-LAURENT (Métro Saint-Laurent)
Contacts : Nicolas Reeves - 987 3000 ext 3761 - Sorinna Chim - 844 2033

The interactive website project, is a work in progress which was developped partly during her artist residensy at Studio XX, February and March 2006. This project was initiated in 2002 with the collaboration of Élisabeth Wörle and with funding support from Hexagram. The project goals are to create a website to archive and recycle users’ love stories, as well as to develop a collaborative scripting model in the creation of new, narrative, audiovisual forms.
The metaphor of the cemetery as a place of memory is used to collect and store data (love stories). The circulation of data (texts, sounds and images: photo, video, film) that are collected and recycled as archives are organized according to a nonlinear, interactive narrative logic. Towards artistic ends, the recycling of personal archival documents that are gathered from interactions with users allows for experimentation with new collaborative forms in audiovisual authoring online.

Chantal duPont is a multidisciplinary artist in Media art who has participated for the past 30 years in numerous international video art festivals, as well as in individual and collective exhibitions in Canada and abroad. She won the Bell Canada Award in Video Art 2005, for her exceptional contribution to the advancement of video art in Canada.
Her artwork is mainly based on identity, memory, autobiography and new forms of narratives related to audio-video practices and new media. She is presently developing an interactive model of audio-video script writing from documents collected on the WEB. Her latest online artwork is based on the process of archiving and recycling love stories from WEB surfers as a mean of interactive script writing. In her video practice of installation, she combines moving images, sound, photographic archives and fragments of stories that question the space between reality and fiction. Body language is also part of her approach to video writing.

Second annual bilingual interdisciplinary symposium
friday 09.06.2006 :: 9H00-21H00
Université McGill University
Thomson House :: 3650 rue McTavish
>>>>>> THEMES
We invite paper proposals on the following themes :
1. Transnational Solidarity
2. Globalization, Hybridization and Diversity
3. Nature, Technology and the Body
4. Decolonization, Neo-Colonialism and Imperialism
>>>>>> INCLUDE
As [.rtf] attachment and also in the body of the e-mail:
1. Name
2. University affiliation
3. Contact information
4. Paper abstract (of no more than 500 words)
Submissions in either French or English welcome
The symposium will be passively bilingual
>>>>>> SEND TO
>>>>>> BEFORE / AVANT LE 07.04.2006
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information :
Organized by the Graduate Group for Feminist
Scholarship, McGill University ::

Crash Course: Art & Feminism

Galerie Liane and Danny Taran Gallery, Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts
Crash Course: Art & Feminism
Helena Reckitt
Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 4 p.m. Tickets: 5 $

This event inaugurates Crash Course, a series in which a distinguished speaker explores a major issue, theme or movement in contemporary art.
Helena Reckitt will survey key feminist artists, projects, and theories from the late 60’s to recent works. Reckitt highlights the ongoing conversations between artists of different generations, but she also points to the diverse and sometimes conflicting ideas explored in feminist art. She concludes by assessing the legacy of feminism in contemporary art, and by discussing the work of younger artists who engage aspects of early feminism implicitly, explicitly, and/or ironically.

Helena Reckitt is the editor of Art and Feminism (Phaidon Press, London, 2001). With Josh Oppenheimer she edited Acting on AIDS: Sex, drugs and politics (Serpent’s Tail, London, 1998). From 2002 – 2005, Reckitt was curator at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

Galerie Liane and Danny Taran Gallery
Centre des arts Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts
5170, Chemin de la Côte-Ste-Catherine
Montréal (Québec) H3W 1M7
(514) 739-2301

VFP Vidéos de femmes dans le parc 2006

GIV is looking for recent videos for Vidéo de Femmes dans le Parc.
Duration of 10 minutes.
Deadline : Tuesday, May 31 2005

Entry Form VFP 2006
Director(s) :
Year of production :
Address, phone number and email :
Shooting format:

Please don't forget to enclose a synopsis with your entry formand a preview copy (VHS only); send to:
Groupe Intervention Vidéo / VFP,
5505 boul. St-Laurent, # 3015, Montréal (Québec), H2T 1S6
(514) 271-5506

function:Feminism : Call for cyberfeminist projects

This call is for work to be part of a exhibition exploring feminist theory and contemporary women's art practices across a broad range of disciplines and geographic borders. This project is being accomplished in conjunction with TheFeministArtProject and Rutgers University.

Formal usage of the term 'Cyberfeminism' occurred in 1992, with the publication the English cultural theorist Sadie Plant, and the appearance of the radical Australian feminist art group VNS Matrix. The two wildly diverse approaches employed by VNS Matrix and Plant laid the ground for the non-hierarchical, decentralized usage of the term cyberfeminism by
artists and theoreticians as the movement developed through 1997. At that time a group of cyberfeminists (most notably Cornelia Sollfrank) formed the Old Boys, the 'first Cyberfeminist Alliance,' shortly after which they developed "100 Anti-Theses*" during the First Cyberfeminist International at Documenta X, an international exhibition of contemporary art. This project will begin with VNS Matrix and investigate the development of Cyberfeminist art practices during the last decade to the new, emerging Cyberfeminist artists.

function:feminism will draw it's inspiration from the writing of Swiss theorist and art critic Yvonne Volkart, a member of the Old Boy's network,.

"Cyberfeminism is a myth. A myth is a story of unidentifiable origin, or of different origins. A myth is based on one central story which is retold over and over in different variations. A myth denies ONE history as well as ONE truth, and implies a search for truth in the SPACES, in the DIFFERENCES BETWEEN the different stories. Speaking about Cyberfeminism as
a myth, is not intended to mystify it, it simply indicates that Cyberfeminism only exists in plural."
--Yvonne Volkart

Identity, embodiment/disembodiment, the non-hierarchical networking, post-colonialism, biotechnology, computer technology

please reply to: