XX Files Radio Project Commissioned Thematic Podcasts

As part of the XX Files Radio project, Studio XX asked three artists to create a piece or a thematic selection from the XX Files radio show archives.

Artist : Britt Wray
Title : XX Files Archives Podcast
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Step into the online drawers of the XX Files where moments spent on air in years past are called into the present with a single click. The Mashup - a recombined and modified collection of existing media files into a new digital format - is the style chosen for this podcast to create links between a panoply of discussions that traveled the CKUT airwaves at some point in time over the last 14 years. The listener eavesdrops in on a variety of women media artists as they give their two cents on subjects that range from how they perceive technology in art driven practices, to how to address the human body in techno-art, to how community radio can be an artist's creative catalyst abroad as well as at home. These cuts, collages and cochlear closeups give the listener a taste test of what the XX Files Project has restored (and in store!) for people to access in the Matricules Archive.

Britt Wray is a radiophilic media artist whose work mainly focuses on experimental modes of science communication and exploration in sound and visual media.


Artist : Guylaine Bertrand
Title : F.W.W.F.T.SXX Version3
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Title : F.W.W.F.T.SXX Version4
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"Basing myself on an intensive review of the XX Files radio show archives, I selected words in French and English. I then mixed, reversed and modified the tempo of the elements in order to obtain a sound composition and a certain rhythm. I picked words that came up frequently and that adequately represented Studio XX for me: femme, women, Studio XX, technology, workshops. The idea of repetition is quite simple: these words appear and reappear in the XX Files radio show, acting as a thread that links all these years together."

Guylaine Bertrand is an emerging artist finishing an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in arts at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC), with a concentration in digital arts. She was an intern at Studio XX in the spring of 2010 and worked on the XX Files radio online archives project. She is particularly interested in performance and media art, and works towards creating different manifestations and representations of Ta Mère, ua character at the center of her artistic process. At the same time, she pursues her work as author and performer in the group Guylaine et Réjean, a country folk music group.


Artist : Valérie d. Walker
Title : This is how it feels… (to be Alive on the radio)
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Sonic snapshot from 21 April 2010 (11:29 AM  – 12:06pm EST) of The XX Files on 90.3FM,  www.ckut.ca, 37 minutes.

So,  this is how it felt April 21st, 2010 from the tech/producer/host  chair,  cueing inputs,  counting down  to “On Air” a sudden awareness  of the final seconds,  soft  sounds ending the previous broadcast,  (my thanks to radia.ca).   Transition to a station ID by one of my Sheros, Angela Davis,  made when she visited CKUT,  slipping along the nearly endless XXxxxxXX  intro,  dip into steamy jazz by the fabulous Lodi Carr.   Time and show boogie on;  the volcano in Iceland,  is it a way of  looking at the weather,   international  banking,  or are we figuring out the time of day?  The  XX Files’ long herstory of exposing internet scams (phishing attempts),   is seen here as we expose the first post-volcano phishing scam.   Skipping into an electronic  circuitry workshop  led by Darsha Hewitt,   we celebrate  electro-static   radio  signals with  a student-created  conductive circuit  choir  performance,  and wow!,  our time is up already!   Close with  a taste of Kalummnity Vibes jazz jamming at a CKUT fundraiser,  time to clear the decks  for the next act & until next week,  Ciao!  from Val Techie-Gal!

Valérie d. Walker, a technophillic transmedia artist, educator, media observer & commentator, with an environmentally-centered, Fibres based art practice, is celebrating 12+ years (so far!) curating and animating the XX Files Radio broadcasts.   A craft-artist who adores Tesla, V has been awed by radio's powers ever since she built her first tube-radio in elementary school.  Observation of the daily moments of Being infuse and guide her creation instincts.