Studio XX’s events include exhibitions, performances, talks, roundtables, and other public presentations involving local and international artists, activists, and curators who identify as women, queer, transgender and gender fluid, as well as by collectives and organizations.

Types of projects include:, electronic art, audio pieces, radio art, video art, installation, interactive work, location-based media, 3D animation, the art of gaming, virtual reality, digital storytelling, short film, bio-art, public interventions, open sources innovations, practices rooted in the community, performance and interdisciplinary practices, short-workshops, artist talks and round tables.

Every year, Studio XX invites artists, artist collectives and curators in media and digital arts or interdisciplinary practices to propose projects for our regular programming.

To submit a proposal, consult the call for projects submission guidelines.

Queer Sexting Party | Kinga Michalska

Feb 14 2020

Floral Sleep | Coral Short

Jan 25 2020

LES COURANTS | L’état des matières II | Katherine Melançon

Nov 09 2019
educational activitiesexhibition | Lucas LaRochelle – Residency Presentation

Dec 12 2019
artist residencypresentation | Lucas LaRochelle

Nov 01 2019
artist residencypresentation

I smell a rat | Lauryn Mannigel

Sept 30 2019

L’obsolescence des mots | Marie-Andrée Pellerin

Sept 19 2019
artist residencypresentation

Hardware Stories | Anne Goldenberg & al.

Apr 28 2019

Annual General Assembly 2018

Jan 24 2019

Not Content As In Happy | Elise Boudreau Graham

Feb 16 2019

indexE | Is Radio Dangerous?

Dec 13 2018

indexE | Feminist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Nov 27 2018

indexE | Sarah Chouinard-Poirier & al.

Nov 27 2018

Love Songs to Failure

Nov 03 2018