Volunteer and Intern

Studio XX is looking for volunteers and interns to help fulfill its mandate. We want to establish a challenging and rewarding relationship with our members, interns and volunteers.

We encourage you to contact us mentionning your areas of expertise and all relevant projects.

Here is a list of possible activities for volunteers and interns within our organization:

Web Site and Matricules Archive

Matricules is an online digital archive comprised of a dynamic database housing all of the images, artists and events that making up Studio XX's remarkable history. The documents are archived on the website using a procedure outlined in the Matricules Guide.

  • Preparation and editing of content (images, video, audio)
  • Scan and PDF transfer of archives
  • Cataloging and posting of content on the site


XX Files Radio Show (ckut.ca)

  • Host / Production
  • Archiving past shows
    • Listening and writing summaries
    • Audio Editing
    • Upload to the website


Events (Wired Women Salons and +...)

  • Distribution of posters
  • Reception, bar, membership
  • Photo and video documentation

Contact-us mentionning your interests and availability.