Exhibition | Safety Strategies : Space, Gender and the City

Image : Chloé Geoffroy

Exhibition from February 11th to 25th, 2017 
Opening : Saturday February 11th, 2017 4PM​

This exhibition foregrounds individuals "safety strategies" for negotiating the city as a space of danger but also strength, creativity, and agency.

Exhibition : Canada 389

Canada 389

Presented at Studio XX by EAHR Concordia (Ethnocultural Art Histories Research Group) in collaboration with Atelier Céladon

Vernissage : Friday December 2, 2016 | 5PM – 7PM

Exhibition : December 1st to 4th, 2016

Artists : Tings Chak | Priya Zoe Jain | Fabian Jean | Mary Sui Yee Wong

With texts by Nick Cabelli, Melinda Pierre-Paul Cardinal, Gianna Mardakis, and Gabrielle Montpetit

Ctrl [Self]: Intimacy, Extimacy And Control In The Age Of The Overexposure Of Self


Opening: 3 NOV | 6 PM

Exhibition: 3 > 24 NOV 2016
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 5 pm
Saturday: 12pm – 4pm
Free admission

Studio XX

Future Memories

Mémoires futures

Opening: 5 NOV | 8 PM
Exhibition: 5 NOV > 4 DEC 2016
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible

Closing party for the conference "Terms of Privacy: Intimacies, Exposures and Exceptions" : 5 NOV | 8PM


Leaves, Keeley Haftner

Christina Battle, Julie Faubert, Keeley Haftner, grlrm collective (Natalie Blaustone-Dye, Melissa Geppert, Kate Holub, Olivia No, Eden Redmond)

PRESENTATION : Friday September 30, 2016 | 6PM

EXHIBITION: Friday September 30th to October 23th 2016.

INTERVENTION : Saturday, October 1st 2016, from 2 pm to 5:30 pm, Parc Ethel­ Stark

Studio XX invites you to the presentation of a group of artists, who redefine the limits between the public and the private, by occupying actual spaces that range from the bedroom to actual streets.


Tell me again - Art Matters

Art matters 2016

Exhibition Running Dates : March 12 to 26
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 5pm
Vernissage: Thursday March 17, 6pm to 9pm

Curated by Emma Lightstone

We are happy to be partners of Art Matters again this year. Art Matters is a student-run festival that showcases the diversity of Concordia University's artistic community. artmattersfestival.org


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2007-02-14 11:30
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Music: Mazzy Star "Fade Into You" + 1 (musical excerpts)
Tech: Beewoo


Formed title: 
Articule Mémoires futures exposition
2016-11-05 18:00
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Photo : Martine Frossard


Formed title: 
Replay : A Memory Game par Jenny Lin pour le festival Les HTMlles 11
2014-11-08 19:00
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dossier d'images .jpg

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Photo : Võ Thiên Việt


Formed title: 
Prendre le Pouls par Marlène Renaud-B. pour le festival Les HTMlles 11.
2014-11-11 17:00
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dossier d'images .jpg

Archivist's notes: 

Photo : Võ Thiên Việt

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