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Artefact 15e
2011-10-28 14:57
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Newsletter 61 - November 2011

EXtract banner Newsletter 61


  • Back and following the 15th anniversary
  • Wired Women Salon 86: LORRAINE OADES + .dpi 22
  • Residency Artist: PASCALE GUSTIN
  • DRUPAL Workshops *Remminder*
  • XX Files Radio 90.3 FM

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Launch Artefact 15th anniversary

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To highlight the history of Studio XX, we will be selling an original Artefact for our anniversary. This customized USB key contains a digital catalogue of past activities at the Studio along with a Point of View essay entitled XX Fantastic by guest curator and writer Paule Mackrous who explores the Matricules archives with a thematic journey through some of the artwork, discussions and performances at the Studio. She also offers a critical essay on XX's 15 years of exploration, research and presentation of media art.

Graphic design by Martine Frossard.


xxxboîte, 2007. Photo : Urbanink

Authors : Kim Sawchuk, J.R. Carpenter, Michelle Kasprzak, Anna Friz, Marie-Christiane Mathieu

Guest curator : jake moore

Book, DVD, and limited edition print by beewoo

Studio XX, 59 pages, ISBN 978-0-9784854-0-5

xxxboîte is an artifact produced in celebration of the first ten years of Studio XX, Feminist art centre for technological exploration, creation, and critique.

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