Coproductions + Collaborations

All year long, Studio XX receives coproduction proposals from artists and most often from collectives and organisations of artists. Emerging and experienced artists who work with new technologies and curators are invited to submit project ideas. The Studio also encourages workshop participants and members to take part in projects related to their interests and specialised themes.

Projects are then selected by the team based on their quality, the availability of the lab and the actual access to technical resources. The coproductions carried out at Studio XX demand full autonomy from the artists on both a conceptual and technical level. If necessary, the Studio can provide personalised technical support at the hourly rate of $25. The projects can stretch over a three-month period. During that time, the artists have the Studio XX's computer, video and digital audio equipment. They also have access to available space on one of the large bandwidth servers - ideal for network experiments and webcasting - and to a dispatcher for wireless Internet connections. It is necessary to establish an agenda and to book time in the lab. It is possible for the Studio to cover certain expenses for coproductions such as training fees. The productions and coproductions are not on our web site but we do direct the artists towards servers that can accommodate their work. Studio XX also encourages the programming of the artworks produced with the coproductions at such events as the Femmes br@nchées Salon series. Participants have to mention the participation of Studio XX in any kind of promotion concerning the project.

The Studio offers collaborations and invites media artists and curators to submit proposals at any time. A collaboration may include the use of facilities and equipment at a reduced or a free rate.

To submit a proposal, follow the residency Submission Guidelines