Cynthia Naggar :: Mille mots valent une image

2012-03-04 20:26 - 2012-04-04 20:00
Cynthia Naggar
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«Mille mots valent une image» is an interactive sound and visual installation. The typewriter, memorable technology from the 19th and 20th century, gets transformed into a recycled anachronism and now adapted to the modern times. The participants find themselves transported into the typewriter, bringing life to it and therefore change the visual and sound content around that person. The interactivity plays a role in the image control through the writing. It will then be possible for the person to transform images by the simple action of typewriting. Furthermore, the installation is also supported by sound effects mechanically provoked by the typical sound of a typewriter.

«Mille mots valent une image» is foremost a questioning between technologies and ourselves. Questionning ourselves, if, with time, these machines that play an intermediate role between humains, have had a control on our thoughts or if on the contrary,  have we always had control over these machines ? It is therefore in a poetic world that this installation shows to us that it is still possible to posess a non-deterministic liberty  towards technologies.