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The XX Files is the Studio’s aural-satellite, a weekly radio show exploring all aspects of our techno-world from the perspective of women living it. Tune in to CKUT 90.3FM every Wednesday from 11h30 to noon, and hear diverse, compelling feminist perspectives on art, technology and societyon CKUT 90.3 FM, listen online at ckut.ca or download the podcasts here.

Started by Deborah VanSlet and Kathy Kennedy, The XX Files first aired in 1996, a few months later, in 1997, Valérie d. Walker joined & has led the show for over 16 years along with co-hosts Anita Cotic, Bérengère Marin-Dubuard. In 2010, Val TeQiiGaL welcomed Britt Wray and then in 2011, Ma*az: co-hosts Maia Iotzova and Maya Richman . And in 2014, the XX Files welcomed a whole new generation of bilingual women to the airwaves for our collective aural illumination! Stéphanie Dufresne, aka Fanie de la Fresne, Amanda-É. Clément and Nnedimma Nnebe, aka The Urban Dweller, added to the diverse vanguard of innovative pioneering spoken word power of The XX Files Radio Show!

The current team is composed by Julia Dick, Belen Rebecca Arenas et Amanda Harvey.

XX Files represents a feminist statement about our relationship to the digital world through traditional media. It is a feminist public and social space that allows feminist icons to have their voices heard.

The XX Files is part of CKUT’s HERSAY collective & is always open to new female-identified Technoqynaeical investigators who want to join the team and contribute to our cutting edge programming. Interested? Contact us at: xxfilesradio[at]gmail[dot]com (Yes, Sculley is listening!)



VAL_TECCI_GAL shares a clip of a discussion Urban Dweller conducted at Maison Passages about food rituals associated with some of the most prominent religious holidays in Quebec.”

Oct 10 2015


Interview with the curator of the upcoming Atelier Céladon’s Common Aliens event. The event will be a ”conference bringing together artistic practitioners to explore and create a contemporary understanding of a people of colour diasporic way of being in Montreal.’

Sept 30 2015


Dicussion with guest Mx. Dietrich Squinkifer (Squinky), a programmer and artist who creates experimental games and interactive elements about gender identity and social awkwardness. The discussion is about her current projects and upcoming projects.

Sept 23 2015


The grantwriting workshop organized by ELAN (English Language Art Network) and a conversation with June Park, the project manager for the workshop.

Sept 16 2015


Nicki Minaj wax statue at Mme Tussaud museum, which is perceived to be the latest example of the racism, sexism and objectification of black women body. The discussion then leads to another famous case of objectification of a black woman: Sarah Baartman.

Sept 09 2015


VAL_TECCI_GAL shares a clip of a discussion Urban Dweller conducted at Maison Passages about food rituals associated with some of the most prominent religious holidays in Quebec.

Sept 02 2015


Throwback from Urban Dweller’s interview with Compton Chic about the documentary “”Mic Drop : Where the Ladies at in Hip Hop?””

Aug 26 2015


A discussion conducted by Urban Dweller at Maison Passages with Philomena, a portuguese woman who’s been living in Canada for the last 51 years. She talks about Ascension Day, an important religious holiday In Portugal and for the portuguese community of Montreal.

Aug 19 2015


It’s Urban Dweller birthday! She plays music and songs she likes. Also, she talks about the upcoming movie Stonewall she’d like to go see. The film is about the Stonewall riots of 1969, an important event in the history of gay rights in the United States”

Aug 12 2015


A day filled with technical difficulties. Throwback to the first Urban Dweller segment (originally featured in January and re-edited). Gender dynamics in honeybee hives are paralleled with gender dynamics in the world of science. Evan Henry is a grad student and member of the ‘Bee Club’ at McGill’s MacDonald campus.

May 20 2015


This week on XX Files, Cassie and Arielle talk about their experiences with technologies as women. After facing barriers and struggling with the impostor syndrome, they decided to co-organize a HTML and CSS workshop for beginners, which is specially geared towards making technologies more accessible to people with marginalized backgrounds.

May 13 2015


Discussing Fanny’s project, Quintessence, launching the next day. She gives some insight on the project and Subversions: A Journal of Feminist Queries. They talk about technologies and the process of collective publishing, feminist community building and the theme of incantations that was chosen. A brief mention of Le Fridge in Rosemont, a project similar to the communal fridge seen in Berlin.

May 06 2015


Urban Dweller discusses the Baltimore riots, the reactions to these riots and the Black Lives Matter movement. An interview with Alana Thain about Cinema Out Of The Box. She mentions how cinema is being seen in nontraditional contexts and that she started teaching a production class on no budget thanks to mobile technologies and her work. She explains the concept of Cinema Out of the Box and how it is different to many outdoor screenings in Montreal, since they are not mobile.

Apr 29 2015


EARTH WEEK! April 22nd XX Files talks w/TML-P.A.R.E., coordinator of Awesome Shauna Janssen & takes a peek at all the immersive responsive architechno wildness going on there! Announcing the TML (Topological Media Lab) events and residency in the Black Box at Concordia. An interview with Shauna, who explains the goings on in the Black Box and the theme (place, architecture and responsive environments). She brings up the women coming in for residency and how this would impact the project, given that this is a male-dominated field.

Apr 22 2015


A segment from last week’s interview with Ytasha Womack, followed by 25 Ways to Make Love to The Earth. Val and Urban Dweller praise the arrival of spring, give some details on the Fan Jam and update everyone on upcoming events and XX Files scheduling. Urban Dweller talks to her little brother about the ongoing murders of unarmed black people in the United States. He gives his perspective – as a young black male – on the crisis.

Apr 15 2015


Val and Amanda present an interview by Fanny Dufresne (a student at the Simone De Beauvoir Institute) where Ytasha Womack (author of the book Afrofuturism) discusses and defines the ideas behind Afrofuturism. She says that Afrofuturism is a feminist space and explains how it is an alternative way of looking at the future. There is discussion of the invention of race, race as a technology, alternative futures, Afrofuturism’s relation to the past and the links between Afrofuturism and feminism.

Apr 08 2015


Interview with Léa Jeanmougin, an artist who completed her residency at Studio XX, on her project Les Vainqueures. Les Vainqueures aims to create a series of virtual collectibles (cards) showcasing important historic women through a website and a smart phone application. Léa explains the process of creating this project and introduces us to some of the women featured in it. The interview is in French.

Apr 01 2015


Interview by Maia Iotzova with Rina Fraticelli, the executive director of Women in View (womeninview.ca) and Anna Lupien from Réalisatrices Équitables (realisatrices-equitables.com) about the call to Government for Gender Equity Policy in the Canadian Media Industry.

Mar 25 2015


Announcing the Art Matters : Impermanent Vacations launch at Studio XX and their take on censoring vacation photos. Continuing Urban Dweller’s segment on women in science (the last one focusing on MacDonald campus), in which they explore profiles on Rate My Professor and the difference between the reviews of male and female profs and scientific credibility as a woman. An interview with Bryan Wattie, a student at McGill, on how he dealt with assertive women.

Mar 18 2015


(Bilingual show) 25 Ways To Make Love To The Earth by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens. Introducing the fifteenth year of Art Matters, a student-run festival taking place yearly at Concordia University. Two guests, who have come to the studio to discuss an exhibition, are introduced: Laurence Beaudoin Morin, the curator of the Oppression Aesthetics exposition, and Catherine Fournier-Poirier, who is on the executive committee of the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) and who got involved in Laurence’s show. Laurence explains the idea behind Oppression Aesthetics and that the artists approach gender, feminism, cultural identities and environmentalism through various media. She explains the process of creating an exhibit as far as being a curator. Catherine explains her roles in events and the process of educating people about austerity in preparation for upcoming protests. She also explains austerity and the problems and hypocrisy behind the Couillard government. They discuss the intention behind the exposition and events as well as briefly describing some of the artworks. There is a discussion on what oppression means and what forms it come. This is followed by the various ways the fight against austerity is relevant and important.

Mar 11 2015


Announcing upcoming events, discussing the negative aspects of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche. An interview with Dr. Valérie Orsat, the chair of the Bioresource Engineering Department at McGill University, in which they talk about gender and science. Dr. Orsat describes the many steps she took before becoming a professor at McGill. They discuss her undergraduate and graduate experience at McGill as one of the few women in the agricultural engineering program. Dr. Orsat discusses gender roles influencing people’s abilities within the program. Urban Dweller reflects upon the efforts made by McGill University to promote diversity on all fronts. They discuss the gender diversity specifically in the bioresource engineering program and the appeal it may have for women, role models, the reason for the decreased number of women in graduate and PhD programs, equality among the challenges encountered by female and male doctors on the field, sacrifices made by women who choose to have children and Dr. Orsat’s personal experiences.

Mar 04 2015


XX Files radio show. Talking about people in Vancouver who complain about the cold. Introduction of everyone present in the studio,descriptions of what people are wearing to keep warm, bikers being macho and the winter weather in general. Wild City Mapping, a project to map the wild green spaces in Montreal. Maia Iotzova, one of the collective’s founding members, talks about the project in preparation for the launch at a Studio XX Wired Women Salon on February 27th, 7pm. Explaining knit graffiti (or yarn-bombing) and the programming-loving programmer. A short segment of different things the collective were working on during the year (bilingual, cuts out briefly during an interview).

Feb 18 2015


XX Files radio show. An introduction to the concept of ASMR and its community. An interview with Natalie Zina Walschots (working on PhD in humanities TAG program at Concordia) on her experience in earning a degree and the ASMR phenomenon, its effects and dedicated online communities.

Feb 11 2015


XX Files radio show. 25 Ways To Make Love To The Earth by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens, light chit-chat about winter weather and Groundhog Day. An interview with Skot Deeming, Kalervo Sinervo and Carolyn Jong, curators of Salon Ludique 3  : Dreams, on the subject of the Salon, digital games and dreaming and the musical artist YlangYlang.

Feb 04 2015