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The XX Files is the Studio’s aural-satellite, a weekly radio show exploring all aspects of our techno-world from the perspective of women, queer and non-binary people living it. Tune in to CKUT 90.3FM every Wednesday from 11h30 to noon, and hear diverse, compelling feminist perspectives on art, technology and society aired on CKUT 90.3 FM, listen online at ckut.ca or download the podcasts here.

Started by Deborah VanSlet and Kathy Kennedy, The XX Files first aired in 1996, a few months later, in 1997, Valérie d. Walker joined & has led the show for over 16 years along with co-hosts Anita Cotic, Bérengère Marin-Dubuard. In 2010, Val TeQiiGaL welcomed Britt Wray and then in 2011, Ma*az: co-hosts Maia Iotzova and Maya Richman . And in 2014, the XX Files welcomed a whole new generation of bilingual women to the airwaves for our collective aural illumination! Stéphanie Dufresne, aka Fanie de la Fresne, Amanda-É. Clément and Nnedimma Nnebe, aka The Urban Dweller, added to the diverse vanguard of innovative pioneering spoken word power of The XX Files Radio Show!

The current team is composed by Julia Dyck et Amanda Harvey.

XX Files represents a feminist statement about our relationship to the digital world through traditional media. It is a feminist public and social space that allows feminist icons to have their voices heard.

The XX Files is part of CKUT’s HERSAY collective & is always open to new female-identified Technoqynaeical investigators who want to join the team and contribute to our cutting edge programming. Interested? Contact us at: xxfilesradio[at]gmail[dot]com (Yes, Sculley is listening!)



Interview with Sarah Peebles, Toronto-based sound and radio artist, speaking about her performance at SuperMicMac 2000, a Music Actuelle festival.
Entrevue avec Sarah Peebles, artiste sonore et radio de Toronto, nous parle de sa performance au SuperMicMac 2000, un Festival de Musique Actuelle.

Nov 08 2000


Interview with Netami Stuart, speaking about Studio XX workshops and accessing high speed cable internet.
Entrevue avec Netami Stuart, nous parle des ateliers au Studio XX et de l’accès internet par cable à haute vitesse.

Sept 06 2000


Guest Sharon Hackett speaks about SeeChange.org, and Anita Cotic does a tech update from her recent trip to Croatia, speaking about the MobiTel
L’invitée Sharon Hackett nous parle de SeeChange.org et Anita Cotic fait un retour technique de son tout récent voyage en Croatie et nous parle du MobiTel.

Aug 30 2000


Part 2 of the pre-recorded interview with Sharon Hackett, of the Centre de Documentation sur l’Éducation aux Adultes et la Condition Féminine (CDEACF), on how does one train as an NGO rep to report on events like Beijing+5, and why/how does it matter to women in Québec and elsewhere.
Deuxième partie de l’entrevue pré-enregistrée avec Sharon Hackett, du Centre de Documentation sur l’Éducation aux Adultes et la Condition Féminine (CDEACF), sur la formation de représentante de NGO dans le but de faire des reportages sur des événements comme Beijing+5, et du pourquoi/comment cela est important pour les femmes au Québec et ailleurs.

Aug 23 2000


Part 1 of the pre-recorded interview with Sharon Hackett, of the Centre de Documentation sur l’Éducation aux Adultes et la Condition Féminine (CDEACF), explaining ICT’s, her training with NGO Feminist Alliances to develop the Women Action’s media caucus.

Aug 16 2000


Online tidbits, downloading and Napster and the Jenny-cam info.

Aug 09 2000


Pop culture: Reality TV hits Canada – details about Big Brother tv show. Also, a listing of all summer festivals going on in town.
Culture Pop: La télé-réalité fait son entrée au Canada – détails sur l’émission Big Brother. Aussi, un listing sur tous les festivals d’été ayant lieu à Montréal.

July 05 2000


Interview with Cheryl Sim, member of the musical group Gazelle and local media artist.
Entrevue avec Cheryl Sim, membre du groupe de musique Gazelle et artiste locale média.

June 28 2000


Review of the newly opened Interactive Science Centre, with a short recorded conversation with two children, sisters Lottie (age 5) & Anna (age 3). Talking about “moving day” in town and sites for those looking to find a place in Montreal, as well as trying to get high-speed cable around town (still difficult at this time).
Critique du Centre des sciences interactives, récemment ouvert, avec une mini-conversation enregistré avec deux enfants, les soeurs Lottie (5 ans) et Anna (3 ans). Discussion sur le “Jour du déménagement” à Montréal et les sites pour ceux qui recherchent un logement à Montreal. Aussi, avoir accès à l’internet haute-vitesse à travers la ville (ce qui demeure toujours difficile à ce moment là).

June 14 2000


Interview with Andra McCartney, a multimedia soundscape composer, part of the faculty of the Department of Communications at Concordia University where she teaches Sound and Media classes, speaking about her emphasis on listening.
Entrevue avec Andra McCartney, compositrice multimédia de paysages sonores, faisant partie de la Faculté du Département des Communications à l’Université Concordia, où elle enseigne le son et les médias, nous parle de son emphase sur l’écoute.

May 10 2000


HTMlles’ Mutate/Transmutate recordings, focusing on web artists at Maid in Cyberspace/HTMlles 2000, including interviews with Tiaa Johannson, Nancy Tobin, Jody Bielun, Deanne Achong and Andrea Cooper.
Enregistrements de l’événement Mutate/Transmutate aux HTMlles, présentant les artistes web présentées au festival HTMlles 2000/Maid in Cyberspace, incluant des entrevues avec Tiaa Johannson, Nancy Tobin, Jody Bielun, Deanne Achong et Andrea Cooper.

Apr 03 2000


Black History Month websites listing.
Listing sur les sites web traitant du Mois de l’histoire des Noirs.

Feb 16 2000


The “Millennium Bug”, Y2K fears & paranoia of computer failures that might come; telecomm, power, and finance and what might happen for Y2K software failures. Sound-bite from Discovery Channel’s “Catching The Millennium Bug” series.

Dec 16 1998


Guest Catherine McGovern, Programming coordinator at StudioXX, speaks about the Femmes Br@nchées edition on the Image+Nation film festival.

Sept 23 1998


Speaking about the Herstory of women in Computers, the ENIAC project, which was developed during WW2 to replace the computers which were actual women, who sat down and did the numerical calculations required to create ballistic calculation logs that were used out in the fields to bomb people. Introduction to Anita’s first show on the XX Files, her work, life and processes as a jane of all media-tricks.

July 29 1998


Interview with Danielle Racine, programming coordinator of the Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media. Interview with Tanya Aaedo, digital performance artist making wearable interface-garments.

July 15 1998


Interview with Anushka Garcia, founder of Montreal Goddesses, supporting group for large sized women, this group is based on the National Association for Fat Acceptance (in the USA), Anushka describes founding the group and developing it.

Dec 31 1997


Dealing with the ice storm, electricity addictions and alternatives to it, how to make a clay-flower pot heater.

Jan 14 1997


Interview with Choeur Maha, explaining Maha’s foundation, as well as a feature on their CD release.

Dec 18 1996


Exerpt of May 25 show: 50 sec. (The show has 3 rotating hosts at present, but uses the same intro) – Taking Steps Piece by Kathy Kennedy. Side A) Fem Romance, Berlane, Kennedy. Side B) XX Files (Exerpt).

Sept 04 1996


One of the initial shows, this broadcast begins to define what the show is and what Studio XX is all about. Description of the basic computer-skill workshops offered at XX. Brief talk on the “FIDO blimp” in the sky. Guest Joya Balfour & her Techno Question of the week: Usenet vs Mailing lists: which is better & for what? Joya explains what UseNet is and what it’s used for & using newsgroups within UseNet. Explains what is a “lurker” in online groups, and what is an “online flame”, demystifies mailing list pros and cons and how to find and join them. Also, the XXFiles Web picks of the week: HIV/AIDS related web sites, AIDS conference in Vancouver, accessing abstracts of conference papers online. Plus, recording of Sherie Zurgnik “What is Studio XX for me?”.

July 10 1996