Riding The Wave : XX Files Pirate Radio


As part of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, the XX Files present Riding the Wave, a networked and collaborative durational performance that mimics a radio festival. The programming gathers 12 hours of live interviews, panel discussions, pre-recorded sound art, radio drama and music.

Discussion topics and interview subjects will range widely but will seek to engage the audience and participants on ideas surrounding the themes of intersectional feminisms, counter-cultural movements in art, music, and politics, the role of women in relation to technology as well as ways to build and be active within a community.

This project promotes radio as a mean of communication and as its own art form. With an experimental spirit, Riding the Wave features material and approaches not already catered to by the mainstream.

Live, in studio performances by: Elena Stoodley, Unromantic, Skin Tone, Sœur Acéphale, Malek Yalaoui, Nat Navi, and more


Le 3 Mars, 2018

Performance en direct:

7:00 PM: Malek Yalaoui

8:00 PM: Elena Stoodley

9:00 PM: Skin Tone

11:00 PM: Soeur Acéphale 

12:00 PM: Nat Navi

1:00 AM: Unromantic


Compositions pré-enregistrées:

7:00 PM: Canary Burton

8:00 PM: Anna Terzaroli – Dark Path #4

9:00 PM: Manami N – Without love make heimat

10:00 PM:

  • Roxa Hy
  • Deb VanSlet
  • Caroline Künzle & Vicky Kapo – The Burning Question Game

11:00 PM: Émilie Payeur – Gonzo Music


Le 4 Mars, 2018

12:00 AM: Bella – UN

2:00 AM:

  • Sophy Merizzi – void
  • Camille Gravel – Apres les silences
  • Elsa Justel – L

3:00 AM:

  • Amina and Jacob – A voice for Radio

4:00 AM:

  • Alcides lanza – there is a way
  • Lou-Hélène Garcia-Solek- La vie des hommes infâmes 2.0

5:00 AM:

  • Francis Dhomont – Figures de la nuit / Faces of the Night
  • Nancy Ferronti, Zack Santella and Gaby Jeliazkov – Fear

6:00 AM:

  • Ralph Lewis- Drive to the edge
  • Erin Gee & Sofian Audry – Of the soone
  • Jordann Murray – everyplace


7:00 AM: Petri Kuljuntausta – Traces of Sound


March 3 – 4, 7:00pm – 7:00am

Broadcasting live from Earth II, 134 Van Horne, Studio 212

Open to the public until 2AM


Live streaming



104.3FM (Van Horne/ Waverley)


Earth II is located on the second floor, there is a freight elevator in the building. Please feel free to contact us with any requests or inquiries.

This is an alcohol free space.


The XX Files is the aural-satellite to Montreal-based feminist media arts space Studio XX. This intersectional feminist media collective works to explore all aspects of our techno-world from the perspective of women living it.

The show was started by Deborah VanSlet and Kathy Kennedy in 1996 on CKUT 90.3 FM and continues to features diverse, compelling feminist perspectives about art, technology and society. The XX Files represents a feminist statement about our relationship to the digital world through traditional media as both a feminist public and a social space that allows feminist icons and marginalized narratives to have their voices heard.

The current team is composed of Julia Dyck and Amanda Harvey. The collective continues to host the weekly CKUT show alongside two monthly internet radio shows, one on Montreal’s N10.AS as well as one on France’s CAMP. The collective also presents live audio-visual performances and DJ sets.

In the summer of 2017, The XX Files completed a residency at Studio XX where they produced a triptych of audio documentaries, devised a live A/V performance, and built FM radios. In March of 2018, they are curating and presenting a shortwave pirate radio festival for Nuit Blanche à Montréal.