virpi kettu

about little power
little power (=music from the constant disappointments of people)

oh! there is of course a story before this apocalypse: she was born by the cold border between russia and finland in 1975, a land where witches are the ordinary people. at 5 years old, she blackmailed her parents into buying her a violin, as she believed all her needs at that time would be fulfilled by this instrument.

she was right. but, by the time she turned 15, she noticed she could capture funny pictures with a pencil and a camera, so she bought herself a pet rat and moved away from home. (this was not hard as her parents moved so much they just dropped her off on their way…)

after that, life twirled her about with it’s infinite power to move the ground under her feet, whisking her into several countries and wonders; like the uk and canada.

since 2002 she has been working as an animator on several music videos (radiohead.knife.turbo negro.thrise.the bees etc.) and productions (wallace & gromit -the curse of the were-rabbit. creature comforts etc.) she finds happiness and contentment in this painful & meditative work. and playing with several bands when it seems like fun.

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