Stephanie Weimar

Project: ‘Region Around the Heart’ (‘Les régions du coeur’)

Stephanie Weimar was born in Germany. In her early twenties she lived in London, England where she worked as a photographer in the fashion and music industry. Becoming interested in video and film she immigrated to Canada in 2003. There she studied video, video installation and film at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax and the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.

Stephanie took part in numerous art exhibitions in Halifax and Toronto and one of her short films, ‘Heavy Load’, was screened at the International Super Shorts Film Festival in London and Manchester, England and at the First Take International Film Festival in Toronto.

In late 2006 Stephanie moved to the Arctic and became an editor and director with the Inuvialuit Communications Society (ICS) in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. She was a director and editor for the documentary series ‘Suaangan – Our Strength,’ and ‘Uumatimnin – From The Heart’ for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), adding over twenty highly regarded episodes to both programs.

Currently Stephanie works as a freelance director and editor in Montreal.

Click here to see the video: “Region around the heart” on Matricule Archive.