Moe Clark

Métis multidisciplinary artist Moe Clark fuses her unique understanding of performance narrative with traditions of circle singing and spoken word. With a background in voice, spoken word, and visual arts, she employs a looping pedal to add multi-layered vocal structures to her performance. Her poetic songs resonate with the power to heal, to celebrate spirit and to connect with authentic purpose.

After her debut album release “Circle of She: Story & Song” (April ’08) Moe toured extensively across Canada and made debut performances in Europe and South America 2009-2010. Most recently she released Intersecting Circles, a video poem created from an award-winning poem (2007 CBC Calgary Poetry Face-Off).

In collaboration with Algonquin theatre artist Émilie Monnet, they formed Bird Messengers Collective in 2009, with a mission to create living mythologies that draw from the roots of traditional Aboriginal stories but are yet adapted for contemporary transmission. When Moe isn’t busy performing she facilitates voice, performance and writing workshops in local communities and collaborates in realms of artistic production, composition and festival creation. She believes in the power of transformation and the continuum of the oral tradition through active involvement in communities, both locally and internationally.

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