Marie-Hélène Parant

Project: Extase

Working in Montreal, Marie-Hélène Parant is a visual and media artist involved in the arts and technology since the 1980s. Her practice is characterized by an experimental approach to media and by regular forays between disciplines. Her work deals with the concepts of passage, transformation (transition) of the body and of its environment.

Since 2004, she has worked to develop an interactive tool based on body movement called “Sketch-in” which she uses in her work performance and installation. Marie-Hélène is coordinator and founding member of SHARE MTL, an artistic community that has organized digital happenings since 2005.

Marie-Hélène has presented her work in installation, performance, video and photography in various international events in Europe (Wörm, iMAL, Cimatics, Club Transmediale, VidéoFormes, Traverse Vidéo), Asia (China INIAF 809), Canada (InTheMix, OFF Festival de Jazz, Société des arts technologiques, ChampLibre, ISEA 95, Festival du Nouveau cinéma, Galerie de l’Uqam, Galerie du Musée du Québec), the United States (Optosonic Tea, Experimental Intermedia, Share NY and Artspace Gallery) and Morocco (Casablanca Video Art Festival). She has received awards and scholarships from Quebec, Canada, Italy and Finland.

Click here to see the video “Extase” on Matricule Archive.