Margaret Dragu

Margaret Dragu began her art practice in 1971 as a dancer and choreographer. She collaborated with many artists in Toronto, New York and Montreal moving into visual art, film-making, video art, theatre/television/radio, burlesque, writing and publishing. Her work has been shown across Canada and Western Europe. Dragu is the first artist featured in Canadian Performance Art Legends (a performance and publication project initiated by the Toronto-based organization FADO). In her hometown of Richmond, BC, she is known equally as an artist and body practitioner working in community and wellness centres as a personal trainer, fitness and yoga instructor. Her clients range from clinical populations (heart, stroke, diabetes, post-surgery) to general populations including weekend warriors, visually impaired and elite athletes. She has created many large scale performances and videos that include participants from all of her communities. Mme. Dragu has a multi-personae dis-order and also operates as Lady Justice, Nuestra Senora del Pan and Verb Woman. She is also a world famous cleaning lady.

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