JD Samson

jd samson is one third of the electronic feminist punk band and performance project, Le Tigre, who has toured internationally and who recently signed with Universal Records. JD is also one third of the friendship group, New England Roses, whose record ‘face time with son’ came out on Dogg Pony Records last year. JD was co-founder of Dykes Can Dance, an activist dance group who staged dance protests against the cabaret license law in NYC during Rudolph Giuliani’s reign. JD also made a calendar titled ‘jd’s lesbian calendar’ in 2003 which was a call out for butch lesbian visibility using her image forced on the wall for 365 days. JD has since followed with ‘jd’s lesbian utopia 2006’ which follows the journey of an rv trip across the USA through gay and lesbian rv parks searching for the lesbian utopia. jd has also been djing internationally in order to keep creating a space for queers, feminists and freaks to dance, smile and hold each other.


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