Itai Peleg

Itai Peleg is an award-winning architect based in Israel and Canada, with experience in France, Africa, and Israel. Itai has also worked with non-profit organizations, such as the Palestinian and Israeli Environmental Secretary (PIES), in which he managed an Israeli-Palestinian youth project on the preservation of shared natural resources. Itai’s interest in landscape comes from his decade-long history as a hiking guide, but also from his commitment to sustainable design. In his recent MA (McGill 2014) Itai explored the balance between the built environment, people, and nature in the Bellechasse neighbourhood, north of Le Champ des possibles.

Le Possible (2014)

Le Possible is a collaborative intervention on a protected urban landscape in Montreal called Le Champ des possibles (the Field of Possibilities) by Cynthia Hammond, Camille Bédard, Shauna Janssen, Roger Latour, and Itai Peleg.

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