Cynthia Naggar

Graduate from the Interactive media program at UQÀM and self-taught musician, Cynthia Naggar refines herself in the electroacoustics and the visual arts. Always pushing boundaries of her art, she innovates into public interactivity using video, sound and electronics. A process which stays minimalist, but that somewhat questions the public about their presence in space and in the time that they occupy.In the project, «mille mots valent une image», she is interested in the imaginary that results from typewriters. The writing and words are holders of many images, but also the reflection of a cultural reality.Cynthia Naggar slowly  shapes her artistic career. More and more, she explores, in her creations, the portrait of human realities. A pleasant combination between the “pop” esthetic and poetry: a beauty both perfect and imbued with absurdity.

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