Atelier Céladon

Atelier Céladon is a community-based studio that supports pilot and ongoing visual projects by young creators. We value projects for their making-of and how those formative concepts can create new contexts for people to interact. Based in Montreal, Céladon represents creators through providing a platform that extends beyond what an individual can manage, and believing in growth through self-driven participation. Support we provide includes but is not limited to workshops and gatherings organized based on the needs of its members, with a focus on collaboration as a means of social organization. Céladon members retain the rights to their cultural production, and anyone is welcome to become a member.

Atelier Céladon prioritizes supporting young creators who are underrepresented by mainstream media production, including but not limited to the lived experiences of racialized and gendered bodies. We place emphasis on process-based work, in that artistic creation can happen through collaboration and movement without necessarily designating a completed set of art objects as an end goal.

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