Alice and the Serial Numbers

Alice and the Serial Numbers: the one woman band. Actually, one woman and all her machine friends. A 26 year-old Hybrid daughter of the Internet and the Intellivision, Alice plays a kind of techno where carefully crafted harmony breathes on top of relentless beats. Alice from Montreal, Canada, has been living in and around music for ten years now. At first a rockguitarist, she then works as an assistant studio engineer. In 1999, she buys her first computer and her life is forever changed. She can use this versatile tool as a musical instrument, recording studio, source of inspiration and means of communication all at the same time! Very soon, she is adding synthetic lines, samples and drum loops to her guitar riffs. She christens her music project Alice and the Serial Numbers, a fitting name for a techno/human orchestra. First off, Alice, soul of the band, writer and performer. Then the Serial Numbers, machines and instruments: synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, guitars, computers… For her live shows, Alice perform with a laptop computer and midi controllers. The band broadcasts its music exclusively at, the official site designed and maintained by the artist herself. During the two following years, Alice refines her musical craft, adds new tracks to her repertoire and continues to develop her Web site. In 2001, strengthened by her virtual success, she puts forward her real world invasion: she establishes her own label, launches her first album Mission_1 and opens an online store at Garnering rave reviews wherever it's heard, Mission_1 is now distributed throughout Canada. Alice has just returned from a European tour and is preparing her next CD.