Alejandra Maria Perez Nunez

elpueblodechina (a.k.a. Alejandra Maria Perez Nunez)

Alejandra is a sound performer working with open source tools, circuit building and critical writing. She has taken part in collaborative projects dealing with psychogeography and social science fiction in Barcelona ( et, with collective writing and connected performance in Bruxelles ( et and with music and performance with France based Spectral Investigations Collective. She is traveling, performing and giving workshops sometimes on her own, sometimes in partnership with artists, developers and art centers such as, Zosen, nanofamas, Jo frgmnt Grys, picklefeet in Berlin, in Barcelona, IMA in Vienna and studioxx in Montreal. She is a sound partner of d.R.e.g.S., bureau d’etudes, SIC and the Moscou Laptop Orchestra.

pueblo was born as a noiser in Chile and through her serpentine trajectory she is experimenting with sound, electronics, gesture, text, trying ways to make her practice conscious of society and history.

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