Our Approach

The incessant technological progress, the effects of globalisation, the dream of the network, constant access, immediacy and mobility hurtle us forward whilst leaving us breathless in their wake and seeming mercilessness towards the search for the new, better, more efficient. Time remains linear, even as we speak of simultaneity, collages, juxtapositions, non-linearity. Within these conditions, artistic experimentations and socio-political interventions outline the fields of the possible, assist in the transgression of boundaries that have become simultaneously insidious and further demarcated.

As Studio XX evolves in time and in its engagement to exploring women's multiple relations to digital technologies, we have also identified a necessity to refocus and recontextualise issues that continue to mark and influence their realities. Through its programming initiatives, Studio XX wishes to seek out the multiple territories, voices, acts that women have drawn for themselves within the vast sphere of human imagination.To accentuate the simultaneity and scale of those constant passages between the physical and the digital, to render their contemporaneity evident within technocratic discourse. Fields of singularities, local situations, zones of becoming where each individual carries within her the potential of meeting, action, being.