List of all Studio XX's event by chronological order.

Media arts for families and bioart
Media arts for families and video installation
Media and Kinetic arts for families
Trial and Error: Speculative Concepts for an Open & Collaborative Society
COMMONS LAB: 2 workshops with Cornelia Sollfrank
COMMONS LAB: resources - people - processes | Cornelia Sollfrank
Regimen | Amanda Vincelli
Media arts for families and 3D printing
Introduction to DJing with DJ Ipek
Newsletter 106 - March 2017
Art Matters: Wire Forest
Media arts for families at Musée des ondes
Artist Residencies Presentation: Olivia McGilchrist, kimura byol-nathalie lemoine and Sonia Paço-Rocchia
Exhibition | Safety Strategies : Space, Gender and the City
Newsletter 105 - February 2017
DIY Electronics for Artists
Conference | Unwarned : An Invitation To Montreal 'Action Heroes'
Workshop | Being Action Hero :: Co Creating I Never Ask For It
Media arts for families and light
Sonia Paço-Rocchia : présentation informelle de résidence
Digital Audio: Creation and Production
Newsletter 104 - January 2017
Newsletter 103 - December 2016
Annual General Meeting 2016 : Notice To Attend
THE HTMLLES FESTIVAL 2016 : Recap of the 12th edition
Exhibition : Canada 389
Newsletter 102 | NOV 2016
"And after the fixed media?” :: Sonia Paço-Rocchia
Artist in residency program call for proposals 2017-2018
Create your website with WordPress (beginner)
Femcrypt Workshop - FemHack
Future Memories
Cryptodance - FemHack
SPAM - Johnny Forever + Gambletron
Root work (work that root)
Ctrl [Self]: Intimacy, Extimacy And Control In The Age Of The Overexposure Of Self
Stubborn Objects: Counter-Surveillance In A Post-Human Landscape
Opening party of The HTMlles 12 Festival
Shadow Stories
Scanner-pack | Karla Tobar Abarca
A Deconstruction Of The Internet
Intimate narratives in twine
What drives us? Festival Sustainability
Theory Monster: I Post, Therefore I Am : Andrea Liu
Safety Strategies : Space, Gender and the City
La Table
Grlrm collective - activities
The HTMlles Festival 12 Unveils Its Program !
Paid internship offer: Web Developer
Newsletter 101 Programming Fall 2016
PROJECT #6261 MONTRÉAL - kimura byol-nathalie lemoine
Call for Proposals | Programming 2017-2018 : DISLOCATIONS
Olivia McGilchrist: Studio XX residency Informal presentation
Newsletter 100 - June 2016
"Listen up!" Public speaking workshop for self-identified women artists
Call for Papers: Terms of Privacy: Intimacies, Exposures and Exceptions
XX Files Radio Show @ XX Years Radio Her_Say!
Video mapping, audiovisual integration in 3d space
Olivia Mc Gilchrist - native girl: continued
Newsletter 99 - May 2016
Conversation : feminist perspectives taking up the public space (online & offline)
Vernissage and exhibition Electronic arts for families
Newsletter 98 - April 2016
Launch of the residency project of Fernanda Shirakawa, Laura Sobenes and Carine Roos
Tell me again - Art Matters
Artists Presentation: Leila Zelli, Shaina Agbayani + Carolin Huang and Rah
Electronic arts and sound for families with Stéphanie Castonguay
Artists Residency Presentation: Shayla Chilliak et Kristin Li
Electronic and kinetic art for families with Alice Jarry
Presentation of Biomateria + Contagious Matters with WhiteFeather + Tristan Matheson
Electronic arts and textiles for families with Valérie Lamontagne
Electronic Textiles
Newsletter 96 - February 2016
The Emile Berliner Musée des Ondes visit with Lorella Abenavoli
DIY Electronics for Artists
Audiovisual Basics: How To Set Up A Video Projector, Speakers, And A MiC
Call For Proposals : Programming 2016-2017
Call For Proposals | Artist In Residency 2016-17
Create your website with WordPress (advanced)
Smart Room : Shayla Chilliak & Kristin Li
Electronic arts for families and 3D printing with Simon Greffard
Introduction to application development on mobile devices
apt-get install F3M-hack
Newsletter 95 - January 2016
Electronics and Bioart for families with Sarah Choukah
Electronic arts and solar energy for families with Émilie Mouchous
Newsletter 94 November 2015
Activism, Technology And Feminism : A Conversation Between Rehab Hazgui & Sophie Toupin
Electronic arts and video for families with Josée Brouillard
Call For Proposals The Htmlles 12 : Terms Of Privacy
The HTMlles at Cynetart Festival
Artist Residency Presentation: Daniella Ben Bassat
Interactive installation : training arduino and max/msp/jitter
Newsletter 93 - November 2015
Journée sans culture