List of all Studio XX's event by chronological order.

Media arts for families and bioart
Media arts for families and video installation
Media and Kinetic arts for families
Commons Clinic | Cornelia Sollfrank
Regimen | Amanda Vincelli
Media arts for families and 3D printing
Introduction to DJing with DJ Ipek
Art Matters: Wide Forest
Media arts for families at Musée des ondes
Artist Residencies Presentation: Olivia McGilchrist, kimura byol-nathalie lemoine and Sonia Paço-Rocchia
Exhibition | Safety Strategies : Space, Gender and the City
Newsletter 105 - February 2017
DIY Electronics for Artists
Conference | Unwarned : An Invitation To Montreal 'Action Heroes'
Workshop | Being Action Hero :: Co Creating I Never Ask For It
Media arts for families and light
Sonia Paço-Rocchia : présentation informelle de résidence
Digital Audio: Creation and Production
Newsletter 104 - January 2017
Newsletter 103 - December 2016
Annual General Meeting 2016 : Notice To Attend
THE HTMLLES FESTIVAL 2016 : Recap of the 12th edition
Exhibition : Canada 389
Newsletter 102 | NOV 2016
"And after the fixed media?” :: Sonia Paço-Rocchia
Artist in residency program call for proposals 2017-2018
Create your website with WordPress (beginner)
Femcrypt Workshop - FemHack
Future Memories
Cryptodance - FemHack
SPAM - Johnny Forever + Gambletron
Root work (work that root)
Ctrl [Self]: Intimacy, Extimacy And Control In The Age Of The Overexposure Of Self
Stubborn Objects: Counter-Surveillance In A Post-Human Landscape
Shadow Stories
Opening party of The HTMlles 12 Festival
Scanner-pack | Karla Tobar Abarca
Intimate narratives in twine
A Deconstruction Of The Internet
What drives us? Festival Sustainability
Theory Monster: I Post, Therefore I Am : Andrea Liu
Safety Strategies : Space, Gender and the City
La Table
Grlrm collective - activities
The HTMlles Festival 12 Unveils Its Program !
Paid internship offer: Web Developer
Newsletter 101 Programming Fall 2016
PROJECT #6261 MONTRÉAL - kimura byol-nathalie lemoine
Call for Proposals | Programming 2017-2018 : DISLOCATIONS
Olivia McGilchrist: Studio XX residency Informal presentation
Newsletter 100 - June 2016
"Listen up!" Public speaking workshop for self-identified women artists
Call for Papers: Terms of Privacy: Intimacies, Exposures and Exceptions
XX Files Radio Show @ XX Years Radio Her_Say!
Video mapping, audiovisual integration in 3d space
Olivia Mc Gilchrist - native girl: continued
Newsletter 99 - May 2016
Conversation : feminist perspectives taking up the public space (online & offline)
Vernissage and exhibition Electronic arts for families
Newsletter 98 - April 2016
Launch of the residency project of Fernanda Shirakawa, Laura Sobenes and Carine Roos
Tell me again - Art Matters
Artists Presentation: Leila Zelli, Shaina Agbayani + Carolin Huang and Rah
Electronic arts and sound for families with Stéphanie Castonguay
Artists Residency Presentation: Shayla Chilliak et Kristin Li
Electronic and kinetic art for families with Alice Jarry
Presentation of Biomateria + Contagious Matters with WhiteFeather + Tristan Matheson
Electronic arts and textiles for families with Valérie Lamontagne
Electronic Textiles
Newsletter 96 - February 2016
The Emile Berliner Musée des Ondes visit with Lorella Abenavoli
DIY Electronics for Artists
Audiovisual Basics: How To Set Up A Video Projector, Speakers, And A MiC
Call For Proposals : Programming 2016-2017
Call For Proposals | Artist In Residency 2016-17
Create your website with WordPress (advanced)
Smart Room : Shayla Chilliak & Kristin Li
Electronic arts for families and 3D printing with Simon Greffard
Introduction to application development on mobile devices
apt-get install F3M-hack
Newsletter 95 - January 2016
Electronics and Bioart for families with Sarah Choukah
Electronic arts and solar energy for families with Émilie Mouchous
Newsletter 94 November 2015
Activism, Technology And Feminism : A Conversation Between Rehab Hazgui & Sophie Toupin
Electronic arts and video for families with Josée Brouillard
Call For Proposals The Htmlles 12 : Terms Of Privacy
The HTMlles at Cynetart Festival
Artist Residency Presentation: Daniella Ben Bassat
Interactive installation : training arduino and max/msp/jitter
Newsletter 93 - November 2015
Journée sans culture
Create and edit images on green screen
Annual General Meeting : Notice to Attend
Labsessions 9 : Call for projects
Digital Audio: Creation and Production