July 29, 1998
Forged Title: 29 July 1998 The XX Files 1st copy

Speaking about the Herstory of women in Computers, the ENIAC project, which was developed during WW2 to replace the computers which were actual women, who sat down and did the numerical calculations required to create ballistic calculation logs that were used out in the fields to bomb people. Introduction to Anita’s first show on the XX Files, her work, life and processes as a jane of all media-tricks.

Support: Audio cassette
Physical Description: TDK Audio Tape
Archivist's Note: Musique: Etta James “How strong is a woman?” , Jazz Vandells "Music is my life"(?) , Me’shell Ndegeocelo remixxed (extraits musicaux) Tech: Valerie d. Walker , Anita Cotic