Diffusion of art work on Matricules website

Studio XX is currently engaged in soliciting all artists having previously participated/presented/produced artwork for a Studio XX event. It is important to us to gain past and present artists’* accord for the online reproduction and diffusion of their works.

Please note that all works diffused on the Studio XX Website or in the online Matricules archive remain in all circumstances and instances the sole property of the artist, creator of the original work.

*If you are an artist represented in the Matricules online archive and have not yet been contacted with regards to the diffusion of your artwork:

Studio XX wishes to offer you an annual membership to the Studio, as well as access to your online artist profile on our website. Please send us your name and e-mail address so we can send you these documents.

If one of your works are featured in the Matricules archive and you are not willing to lend Studio XX the necessary rights for this representation, please send us your name, name of the artwork in question as well as your e-mail address, in order for us to engage ourselves towards the removal of your work from our site.