Founded 15 years ago, The HTMlles is an international platform dedicated to the presentation of women’s, trans and gender non-conforming artists’ independent media artworks from all facets of contemporary technological creation. The festival occupies the singular position of being one of the only events promoting and disseminating independent media artworks with a particular emphasis on feminist approaches, concerns and engagements.

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Previous events related to the festival

THE HTMLLES FESTIVAL 2016 : Recap of the 12th edition

The HTMlles 12, a festival of feminist media arts, ended in style on November 6, after 4 days of activities.

The festival featured work by more than sixty artists and researchers from five continents, presenting nearly 40 performances, installations, projections, workshops and roundtables.

Femcrypt Workshop - FemHack

Atelier Femcrypt - FemHack

6 NOV | 10.30 AM > 1.30 PM
Studio 303

Femcrypt: Participants will learn what encryption is and how to use it through hands-on activities (i.e.encrypting chat and emails).

Future Memories

Mémoires futures

Opening: 5 NOV | 8 PM
Exhibition: 5 NOV > 4 DEC 2016
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible

Closing party for the conference "Terms of Privacy: Intimacies, Exposures and Exceptions" : 5 NOV | 8PM

Cryptodance - FemHack

Cryptodance - FemHack

4 NOV | 7.30 PM > 10PM
Studio 303

Cryptodance is a performative event to collectively embody issues of security, privacy, safety and surveillance, and to familiarize ourselves with differents modes of encryption (ciphering and deciphering messages) by careful somatic tactics, dance scores and electronic devices. 

SPAM - Johnny Forever + Gambletron

Johnny Forever + Gambletron

Spam: Social Media Funhouse With Radio Transmission 
Performance : 3 NOV | 8.30 PM

SPAM is a multimedia installation with durational performance. Gambletron and Johnny Forever create an immersive and interactive “social media funhouse” projecting video conferencing platforms to create visual and sonic feedback loops mimicking the sensation of a funhouse maze of mirrors.

Root work (work that root)

root work (work that root)

Performance : 3 NOV | 7.30 PM

During this performance, Rekas will be broadcasting a healing ritual on, a popular webcam sex site. The inspiration for this project comes from her research on African-American Hoodoo spiritualism.


Ctrl [Self]: Intimacy, Extimacy And Control In The Age Of The Overexposure Of Self


Opening: 3 NOV | 6 PM

Exhibition: 3 > 24 NOV 2016
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 5 pm
Saturday: 12pm – 4pm
Free admission

Studio XX

Stubborn Objects: Counter-Surveillance In A Post-Human Landscape

Joana Moll, AZ: Move and Get Shot

Opening / Round table: 4 NOV | 6.30 PM – 8 PM
Exhibition: 3 > 6 NOV 2016
Video screening: 3 > 30 NOV 2016
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible
Feminist Media Studio

Opening party of The HTMlles 12 Festival

Image : Un, performance

In collaboration with Oboro and Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV), Studio XX invites everyone to 4001 Berri for the opening party of The HTMlles Festival. You won’t want to miss this! Come to the party and discover the entire program for the 12th edition of The HTMlles.

6 PM: Opening “CTRL + [SELF]” | Studio XX
6 PM: Video screening “SHADOW STORIES” | Groupe Intervention Vidéo (Giv Anpeli)
7.30 PM: Performance “root work (work that root)” | Monica Rekas | OBORO
8.30 PM: Performance “SPAM” | Johnny Forever + Gambletron | OBORO
9.30 PM: UN (Kara Keith) | electronic composer


Shadow Stories

Image : AUREA, Sabrina Ratté

Video screening: 3 NOV | 6 PM

The title of this program refers to the concurrent shadow stories that emerge as the videos unfold. The works interconnect with the 2016 HTMlles theme ‘Terms of Privacy’ by exploring unique narratives in sly ways.