Wired Women Salon 91 : Taien Ng-Chan

2012-06-06 19:00 - 21:00
Extrait de "Essaie", une oeuvre de Taien Ng-Chan
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Resident Artist Presentation Taien Ng-Chan

Wednesday, June 6, 2012, 7PM 
4001, Berri Street (corner Duluth) space 201

Admission: $5, *FREE* for members.
Hors d’œuvres and refreshments will be served.

Closing our 2011-12 programming season at Studio XX, we are pleased to present during our Wired Women Salon 91, the result of artist in residency Taien Ng‐Chan, with her project Essaie, which took place from April 16 to June 6. Under the theme of Mappings of the City, Emilie O'brien and Joanna Donehower, collaborators of the project, will also be presenting their point of views.

Take note that the launch of issue 24 of our electronic publication .dpi, under the theme of Fashion/Textile/Technology, directed by guest editor-in-chief Ying Gao is post-poned.


"My residency with the Matricules archives involved research to locate archives from Studio XX projects that deal with site-specific art and/or urban culture, the history of women and technology in the city, and finally, to build an essay-video work that will be interactive and accessible on the Web. Essaie presents one aspect, or map, of a larger psychogeographic mapping project of Montreal, entitled Poetics of the City. Essaie will attempt to map out an archive." Read More...

Taien Ng-Chan is a writer and media artist who investigates the poetics of everyday urban life through experimental cinema and cartography. Her works include the website Detours (recently launched at the Biennale internationale d’art numérique), a poetry book/multimedia CD entitled Maps of Our Bodies and the Borders We Have Agreed Upon, and two anthologies, Ribsauce and Navigating Customs. Her short film The Red Ribbon won the Location Michel Trudel Award at Concordia University, where she received her MFA, and where she is now pursuing her Ph.D. in the fields of Cinema and Geography. For more info: www.soyfish.net

Joanna K. Donehower
   is a playwright, dramaturg, and doctoral student at Concordia University. Her doctoral research and artistic practice spans performance, visual arts, and literary theory, and her current project Curiocity, a mobile museum in miniature of rue Ontario, engages curiosity, wonder, and wandering as creative and critical concepts and practices for reconsidering place.

Emilie O'Brien
is a Montreal-based artist. Through slow and often improvisational processes she creates text works, paintings, sculptures and video work. Her projects respond to and often meditate upon fragmentation and the multi-faceted whole, with an emphasis on connection, or disconnection, of these parts. Her mapwork Field Notes is a quizzical, meditative exploration on a well-loved piece of terrain vague in the Mile End quarter of Montreal, known both as Maguire Meadows and Les Champs des Possibles.