Circumstance : Performances Nadia Granados + Shayo Detchema

2012-05-24 19:00 - 21:00
© Nadia Granados, photo: JJ Rodriguez
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An evening of performances
Nadia Granados (Colombia) + Shayo Detchema (Mtl)
Curator : Johnny Nawracaj

Thursday May 24, 2012 at 7 PM
Studio XX 4001, Berri Street, space 201, Montreal
Admission: $5 or *FREE* for members.

Shayo Detchema will open our evening at 7pm with an online performance over Skype paired with two new video works rich in luscious, tactile visuals.

After a short intermission, Nadia Granados will drench the audience in a hot techno-frenzy of sound and video that accompany La Fulminante in fierce corporeal form. Decked out in heels and armed with strong words, the fearsome femme will lead whoever wishes to join us on a walk to La Centrale where a sister evening of performances will be taking place at 10 pm. The artists politicized visuals will accompany the audience on this promenade, streaming into the street from a tiny projector hidden in a big blonde wig.

Our performative promenade will commence at 9:00 sharp, starting at Studio XX and heading to La Centrale. Don't be late!

Nadia Granados has been invited to Canada by the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi and the gallery Le Lobe. Thanks to the management of Constanza Camelo (Artist,Curator and Professor of interdisciplinaries arts at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi). While in Montreal, Granados will perform in various public sites throughout the city, compiling video documentation as she goes. On the evening of May 24, the final result will be presented along with a live performance of The Fulminante project.

The spaces of Studio XX will be saturated with video as Granados performs a luscious piece dawning monitors as elements of her costume - one on his face and another on her pelvis. Language and the body create a gorgeous mess of projected light and sound as French and English texts accompany the performer's movement, engaging the problematic of bilingual communication in this city.

 Nadia Granados (1978) is a Colombian artist interested in space, movement and body based art practices, such as video, installation and performance. Her work is characterized by the articulation of anti-imperialist struggles through the use of popular media tropes. She takes advantage of communication in public spaces (street/web) using her body and art as catalyst for social transformation. In her latest project LAFULMINANTE.COM she faces the camera in an absurd monologue as a demoniac performer and records, edits and produces video images that build up from the eroticism of the skin. Granados dismantles the language poses of emancipatory discourse bringing together topics of sexuality and social criticism, in doing so she speaks "from" the body of Latin American women.

Nadia Granados was featured on our last .dpi #24 online publication : Art & Genders


performance TOUCHETTE, photo Patrick PalmerShayo Detchema is interested in the links forged by the languages of which she, her collaborators, and their audience inventively make use. Her interdisciplinary practice encompasses various video, multimedia-installation and performance projects that infiltrate private as well as public domains. Taking inspiration from daily routines, she explores the possibilities of intimacy and poetizes illness.

CHEVET is an ongoing video/performance project taking place over the course of 24 weeks of an experimental treatment. Medical realities and poetry are entangled to create circumstances propitious to healing. Performed over an Internet video transmission, the upcoming piece will mark the artist's entrance into the final stage of this process.

Photo: performance TOUCHETTE, photo Patrick Palmer 

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