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2012-05-17 19:00
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Photos : Stéphanie Lagueux


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The Distance Between: Stereoscopic 3D Contemporary Art by Women
2012-04-27 15:00
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1-Anaglyph* still images of pelicans and lungs from Chorus of Lung, Leila Sujir + Maria Lantin
*Note for viewers: to view the image, you need to put on anaglyph glasses, (red/cyan)-- red on left eye.

2-Fairy Cam, Emily Pelstring

3-Folding, Alison Loader

4-Rainbow Waterfall Happiness Magic, Rebecca St-John


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15e Sandde
2011-10-22 15:00
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QuickTime (.mov) 28min 107.5MB

Claire Blanchet

Claire Blanchet

Claire Blanchet is a Montreal-based filmmaker. Originally from Fredericton, she has studied dance, studio art, and philosophy. Her love of drawing and movement led her to Concordia University's animation program, where she graduated as recipient of the Norman McLaren Award in 2007. She works with a variety of techniques: hand drawn, under-the camera, direct on film, stereoscopic and digital media. Past projects include Trash and No Star! (2008), co-directed with Karl Lemieux, and The Wobble Incident (2009), co-directed with Sam Vipond.

Exhibition ZOE BACCHUS : How many miles can the body take?

Image: Zoe Bacchus

OPENING May 3rd, 7PM

May 3rd to 16th, 2014

Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm, Free Admission
Studio XX, 4001 Berri (Duluth) space 201, Montreal

Workshops 2013-14 : Registration in progress!

Photo of electronics componants by Martine Frossard

Website Creation with WordPress : Oct. 21, 2013

Interactivity - ARDUINO|MAX/MSP|JITTER : Oct. 19, 2013

DIY Electronics Lab II : Feb. 16, 2014

Website Creation with WordPress : Feb. 17, 2014

Drawing in stereoscopic 3D space SANDDE : Feb. 1st, 2014

Details and inscriptions ->

SANDDE: draw in stereoscopic 3D space

Photo Sandde

Saturday May 26, 2012, from 1pm to 5pm (4 hours)

Teacher Claire Blanchet

60$ + 50$ Studio XX membership - prices include taxes.

SANDDE is a new stereoscopic 3D animation system that allows the user to draw in stereoscopic 3D space, and sculpt lines as if manipulating a wire sculpture. 

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