Launched in 2008, Matricules is an online archive project: an imagined and documentary register of Studio XX, gathering more than 5,000 documents (texts, audio, video, images) that offer the community an artistic look at our journey. It brings out the link uniting the three key ideas of our organization: arts, feminisms, and technologies. Conceptualized from the image of weaving and the principle of inclusion specific to feminism and free software, this unique community narrative space is based, on one hand, on the need to appropriate our own history and tools to tell it; and, on the other hand, the desire to be open to multiple voices by giving them visibility.

Created in 2006 by Caroline Martel and jake moore, with the collaboration of Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University and the Daniel Langlois Foundation Research and Documentation Center (CR + D), and with the support of the Canada Arts Council, the first phase of the project was devoted to the definition of the archiving policy and the production of the catalog of our documents. Subsequently, it was thanks to Canadian Heritage and its digital collections program that we designed the project to digitize and put our archives online. The site was developed with the help of Koumbit. In 2010, the third phase of development allowed to add the archives of the show XX Files Radio to the website while reviewing the design of the website.

For more information, read the interview for the 5th anniversary of Matricules in the journal Media-N about the design, history, and future of the project. This article is published in the journal .dpi no 29 with the permission of the Journal of the New Media Caucus where it was originally published in the spring of 2013.

In 2016, we began an archival visualization project to update and facilitate the exploration of content through themes, categories of documents and participants.

This Month in History


This week’s XX Files features an interview with Olivia McGilchrist, Studio XX’s artist-in-residence.

Featured Document

Mimi Onuoha_Classfication.01

ARTISTS RESIDENCY | CLASSIFICATION.01_Mimi Onuoha. Classification.01 is a wall-mounted sculpture that engages with the present reality of data-driven metrification by highlighting the reliance of collection upon the fraught act of classification.

Random Document

_Nov 14. 2001

“Moving Ideas” exhibit focus, with details on “Secular Practice: Recent Art from India” and other Indian artists exhibiting in artist-run centers in Montreal. Emphase sur l’exposition ”Moving Ideas”, incluant des détails sur “La pratique laïque: Art récent de l’Inde” et d’autres artistes originaires de l’Inde exposant dans des centres d’artistes à Montréal.


Sarah Beckwith

A gringa raised in Latin America, Sarah Beckwith has always been artistic; however, in early adulthood she fell into a slumber. One day, she formed an art collective with some college friends and the spell was broken—she awakened artistically. She hasn’t stopped creating and performing ever since. She currently resides in Honduras where she works on developing […]