Workshop : Feminist Artivism in Latin America

Saturday June 14th 2014, from 1-5 pm
With Julia Antivilo (Chile)
@ Studio XX | Free !

* REGISTRATION before Thursday June 12 by email : programmation @

Studio XX is pleased to offer, in the contexte of the exhibition MachA, VaronA, MasculinA : la femme artiste dans la barbe de l’art cubain, and in collaboration with the Encuentro event, the workshop FEMINIST ARTIVISM IN LATIN AMERICA qith Julia Antivilo on June 14th, 13:00PM to 17:00PM at Studio XX.

One of the most disturbing paradoxes of the relationship between artists and artistic creation in Western culture is the hypervisibility of women as objects of representation and their tenacious invisibility as a creative subject. This reality arises with greater emphasis on the production of artists that politicize their art from a feminist perspective, making their artistic and activist practices a synthesis of artiviste. Latin America is no exception to this situation that remains latent to a remarkable political art production. Hence the importance of focusing on a review of Latin American cultural studies, including the emergency of feminist art production in the seventies to the present.

The workshop objectives are to conduct a cultural historical review from the cultural studies to understand the contexts of the emergency and production of feminist artivism in its four decades of existence in the region. Recognize and analyze the production of artivists defining their practices from feminism. Finally, from a practical approach, we will invite participants to contribute to a visual production based on their desires and potentials. This four hour workshop will combine a theorical and practical aspect.


This workshop will offer a dynamic appoach to presentation-participation and will encourage an artivist production based on the potentials or desires of each workshop attendee, either through small writing, object-based, visual or performative exercises. The workshop is open to people of all ages and backgrounds who feel a desire to learn and explore the expressions and practices of feminist artivists in Latin America.


  • Creative disobedience: Feminist Art, the presence of four decades in the latin-american cultural history.
  • The body is political: self-representation, experience and redefinition in the visual.
  • Placing the body: Performativity in the political feminist aesthetic.
  • Performance or Pedagogies of the political body from a feminist art perspective.

*The workshop will be given in spanish with simultaneous translation

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