Wired Women S@lon 101 : Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand + Josée Brouillard

Artist Residency presentations
Sunday April 27, 2014, 2pm
@ STUDIO XX – 4001, Berri (corner Duluth) space 201
Suggested donation:: $5, *FREE* for members. Refreshments will be served.

Studio XX is proud to present during the Wired Woman Salon # 101, an afternoon dedicated to the residency presentations of artists Carol-Ann Belzil Normand (virtual residency that took place from November 11 to January 17 2014) as well as the artist Josée Brouillard (Open residency which took place from January 6 to March 2 2014).

This afternoon will also be the finissage of Josée Brouillard’s installation piece entitled À l’∞ which will be exhibited in the Studio XX gallery from April 22 to 27 2014.


Carol-Ann Belzil Normand
Syntax and choreographies

arol-Ann Belzil Normand will present her research residency entitled Syntax and choreographies which consisted of producing an experimental animation web app. Pierre-Luc Lapointe, artist and technician, will also be present to discuss about the evolution and technical aspects of the application on which he worked as a collaborator. After this introduction, Carol-Ann Belzil Normand will do a performance with her interactive Web application and an audio recording text about the computer performative art recited by a man and a woman.


Josée Brouillard
À l’∞

** Exhibition from April 22 to 27 **

Collaborator : Pierre Électrique

 À l’∞ is an audio-visual installation comprised of a custom fabricated curved LED screen. By blinking, the light pixels reveal a minimalistic human body at scale that runs constantly,embodying in its movement a crescendo of emotions from vulnerability to power. In practice, the human form moves on the spot, but the rotating movement of the screen, activated by a motor gives the impression that the form runs around in real space. A soundtrack accompanies the sequence of images and the emotions which are represented. The sound moves in the space following the course of the screen. When looking at the installation, one is not able to see all images at the same time, unless by moving constantly and following the movement of rotation. Therefore, one must imagine how the character evolves through each of the emotions.




Artist from Quebec city, Carol-Ann Belzil Normand is a graduate from the Laval University in visual arts and media arts, as well as in animation art and science. She took part in various animation festivals in Canada, Germany, England, Austria and USA. She also has an active performance practice in Quebec city. She is currently pursuing her research on performative and interactive aspects througout residencies.

Born in La Malbaie, Pierre-Luc Lapointe lives and works in Quebec City. An MFA Graduate in visuals and media arts at the Visual Arts School of Laval University in 2011, his work has been presented at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE (Quebec), The Image Festival (Toronto) as well at the EXIT Festival (China).

Josée Brouillard lives and works in Montreal. She completed her studies earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in 2012. In 2011, she was awarded, along with her colleague Steffie Belanger, a New Media Creation Grant for Young Artists by OBORO. Their project Résonance visuelle was shown as part of the Journées de la culture 2012. Josee Brouillard participated in the InShadow – International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies 2012, presenting her single channel video Le corps de la mémoire in Lisbon Portugal. In 2013, she executed the video installation Séquences vidéo pour moniteur with the support of CALQ. Presently, Josee Brouillard is the artist in residence at Studio XX, where she is developing her project À l’∞. In addition to her work as an artist, Josee Brouillard works both as a technical director and a freelance consulting technician for several local artist-run centers.

Presented as part of printemps numérique.

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