[VIVA! Art Action x Studio XX] Smell Feel Match | Lauryn Mannigel


VIVA! Art Action Festival is almost there! From September 25 to 28 2019, Studio XX presents, in collaboration with eight other partnering centers, four days dedicated to action art at and around Ateliers Jean Brillant in Saint-Henri. VIVA! dinners are also back by popular demand, as well as a rich programming of satellite events, including workshops and conferences. Stay up to date with the programming and subscribe to the VIVA! newsletter, sent out daily during the festival.

Studio XX is proud to collaborate with VIVA! Art Action to present Lauryn Mannigel’s work. Don’t miss her other work, Smell Feel Match on September 24th and 25th. Smell Feel Match was commissioned for “Experiment Zukunft”, a joint project of University Rostock and Art Center Rostock.”

More information about Smell Feel Match: laurynmannigel.me/smell-feel-match
Free activity! To register, contact programmation@studioxx.org