Sans feu ni lieu, Sans foi ni loi – Art Matters

Studio XX host the exhibition “Sans feu ni lieu, Sans foi ni loi” (ART MATTERS festival) from March 8th to March 21th, 2014. 

VERNISSAGE: Saturday March 8th, 6:00PM to 9:00PM

Subterfuge and Institutional Provocation,
Artist talk by Joshua Schwebel
March 19th, 7:00PM

Open House + Experimental DJ set by Buck Smith,
Saturday March 15th, 3:00PM to 5:00PM


Isabel Connolly, Kevin Leung-Lo, Carol Hunter McLean, Zac Macarthur, Matthew, Marie-Rhodes, Gaël Patino, Oliver Simpson

Anne-Marie Trépanier + Mégane Voghell


Virtual gallery Width;700px and the actual Studio XX juxtapose their spaces to implement a cunning ploy, in an adroit and boorish manner, that will condemn the viewer to new issues.

The virtual infinite, shrunken to imposed containers, suddenly becomes invasive in the exhibit context. It forces the actual artworks to backup and strategically reunite to preserve their impact. In its literary assemblage, these corrupted images and objects present a tampered universe, derived from quotidian. The spatiotemporal breakage, along with the overprinted galleries give an obsolete feel to the physical space, frozen in time.

Sans feu ni lieu
Sans foi ni loi

A counterfeit, a subterfuge, a cluster of artifacts condemned to wandering.

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Art Matters is a student-run festival that celebrates the vitality of Concordia University’s multidisciplinary artistic community. The festival promotes the emerging talent at Concordia by developing working relationships with creative institutions, galleries and artist run centers throughout Montréal.