Newsletter 83 – June 2014

  • Team Notes
  • Closing for the summer | June 24 – Sept. 1
  • The HTMlles 11 Festival Call for Interns
  •   DIY electronics lab [Oct.26]
  •   WORDPRESS Online portfolio [Sept.29]
  •   ARDUINO/MAX/MSP Interactive installation [Oct.4]
  •   Application development UNITY3D [Feb.14]
  • MATRICULES archives News
  • XX Files Radio 90.3 FM

Studio XX is ending its 2013-14 cultural season and will be closed from June 23 to September 1st, 2014.

Studio XX was an enthusiastic participant in le Printemps numérique hosting an exhibition by Zoe Bacchus within the BIAN, as well as an installation by artist in residence Josée Brouillard, who also presented her work in the Eureka Festival! Check out the pictures and videos in the Matricules archives.

Studio XX is proud to be associated with Printemps numerique, an initiative of Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ) de Montreal in partnership with sixty organizations involved in the digital arts.

Studio XX welcomes Isabelle Guichard and Kandis Friesen who are joining Sophie Le-Phat Ho and Katja Melzer, codirectors of the 11th edition of The HTMlles festival. They will act as assistant to the director and technical director, respectively, as part of ZÉR0 FUTUR{E}, which will take place from November 7 to 15, 2014. The festival program will be launched in the Fall but stay connected through the blog ( and Twitter . The festival is currently offering internships and is also looking for volunteers. To apply for an internship or volunteer for the festival, send an email to

Watch for the upcoming launch of on-line journal .dpi 30, Cybersurveillance, guest edited by Kate Milberry.

Thank you to all artists, curators, professors, partners, volunteers, committee members for Programming, HTMlles and . dpi, our members, funders and all those who contributed to an exciting year at Studio XX!

We wish you a wonderfully slow summer, and we’ll see you in September.

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