À l’∞ from Josée Brouillard at Festival Eurêka!

Saturday, June 14th, 10:30AM to 7:30PM
Vieux-Port de Montréal

Free and fun: a great opportunity to demystify art and science! RDV at * stand 53 *

Studio XX presents Josée Brouillard‘s À l’∞ at Festival Eurêka! this Saturday. She was a recent artist-in-residence at Studio XX and visitors are invited to interact with “À l’∞”, an installation at the intersection of DIY electronics and computer programming (MAX/MSP + ARDUINO).

À l’∞ is an installation work comprised of a custom fabricated curved LED screen. The LED lights are used to display video images. By blinking, the light pixels reveal a minimalistic human body at scale. The character embodies several emotions which are transmitted through its physical reality.

Festival Eurêka! is a celebration of science for everyone, from June 13th to 15th.

Presented in the context of Printemps numérique in collaboration with L’Île du savoir and Conférence régionale des élus de Montréal.

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