Interactive installation: Training Arduino and MAX/MSP/JITTER

Instructor: Patrice Coulombe
Saturdays from 1:00 – 5:00 PM, from October 19th – November 23th, 2013

6 weeks (24 hours)
270$ + Studio membership $50 – prices include taxes.

* All materials will be provided by Studio XX

The goal of this course is to help artists gain skills useful in the development of interactive installations. Participants will be introduced to programming with Arduino and MAX/MSP with the goal of creating a project integrating software and electronic circuits.

The training places great importance on the study of different types of sensors and input devices which are of use in an interactive context: motion capture, touch sensitivity, sound input, etc. Participants will also study the question of kinetics through the use of motors and mechanisms, as well as the notion of mobility, with the aid of Xbee wireless communication tools.

At the end of the training, participants will know how to plan the development of an interactive project, how to determine their technical requirements and will have mastered the vocabulary necessary to address technical design. In addition to assistance with an individual project, participants will have access to the resources available in StudioXX’s electronics lab. The majority of tools and components necessary for the training will be made available.

Arduino, the open source physical computing development platform, has contributed greatly to the recent growth of the tech arts community, giving artists and designers easy access to the tools necessary to develop robotics, sensors and electronic circuits in general.

Max, with its MSP and Jitter libraries, is a data flow-based programming environment which facilitates the development of interactive and audiovisual applications. The schematic nature of Max permits users to program interactive and audiovisual applications in a more intuitive way than more traditional methods offered by script and command based programming.

This course will be taught in French by a bilingual teacher.