I smell a rat | Lauryn Mannigel


I smell a rat | Lauryn Mannigel
Monday, September, 30, 6 pm – 9 pm
Free workshop | Registration is required
At Studio XX

While all body scents* remains stigmatized in Western culture, female body scents* have a history of particularly bad associations. In this workshop, participants will critically engage with gender-related judgments on body scents*, through a presentation, discussion, and hands-on experiments. With special attention to social and cultural norms in relation to body scents perceived as female, they will explore the following questions: How do we react towards our own body scents*? Can we overcome prejudice or even disgust, by cultivating curiosity?

Workshop plan: 

  1. Greetings and introduction to the science of smell
  2. Collection of body scents*
  3. Smell exercise with body scents*
  4. Presentation and discussion: historical and contemporary examples of taboos surrounding female body scents in Western culture
  5. Smell exercise with chemical and organic products

To register, contact ateliers@studioxx.org before September 20th

*The term ‘body scent’ refers to the entire spectrum of human body odors, both natural and modified through addition of products such as shower gel, aftershave, essential oils or the like. Overall, all activities (such as reading, exercising, working, etc.), as well as food choices and health situation have an effect on our body scents.

Advice on olfactory matters by perfumer Marc vom Ende.

Studio XX is proud to collaborate with VIVA! Art Action to present Lauryn Mannigel’s work. Don’t miss Smell Feel Match at VIVA! Art Action on September 24th and 25th. Smell Feel Match was commissioned for “Experiment Zukunft”, a joint project of University Rostock and Art Center Rostock.”

Photo credit: Sabrina Meissner