Syntax and choreographies | Carol-Ann Belzil Normand

Virtual Residency at Studio XX
From November 11, 2013 to January 17, 2014

The residency research project of Carol-Ann Belzil Normand consists of producing an experiemntal animation web app.

The App will be used as a performance tool and will be available through Studio XX website and compatible with other diverse platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC.

In the software, there will be a bank of animated GIFs and autogeneratedforms that can be manipulated to suit the user. Using an aesthetic ofsimplicity, the program is designed to offer a multitude of complexities andvisual possibilitiesThis application represents the aesthetic work- toolof an artist interested by interventions. In fact, the ergonomics of theinterface is a major component of the project. The result, both performativeand interactive, will be based on a user’s experience  and not solely on the the technological possibilities.

Through a feminist perspective, the animated Gifs will be both an emblematic study of the gesture as well as the feminine body.It will also include 2D special effects, auto-generated geometric shapes as well as unusual objects. The feminine forms will evidently be ubiquitous in a virtual space that refers to the research of th animation art. This “artwork-tool” will permit further design and experimental production. The App will also serve as a diverted mean to make it into an accessible virtual tool and without commercial aspects involved.

The launch of the application will be a performance at Studio XX  to demonstrate the potential, and further development, of the project.

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Présentation de Carol-Ann Belzil Normand dans le cadre de sa résidence virtuelle, 12 pages.