Call for entries : programming committee

Studio XX is currently looking for new members for our 2015-2016 programming committee.

Are you an artist, curator, writer, student, critic, theoretician, or activist who is passionate about digital arts? Come and join our artist-run centre.

Deadline to submit your candidature: March 15, 2015

Founded in 1996, Studio XX is a bilingual feminist artist-run centre for technological exploration, creation and critical reflection. XX supports independent media arts production and offers a platform for a multiplicity of territories, voices and creative actions by artists who identify as women, trans or dissident in the contemporary technological landscape. Demystifying, providing access, equipping, questioning and creating, these are the aims of Studio XX. We actively participate in the development of a digital democracy that encourages autonomy and collaboration.

We support creative practice at the intersection of three elements: the development of digital art, from a feminist perspective and a DIY approach.

Our organization continues to fulfill its original purpose: to encourage women to take part in the emergence of new forms of expression and practices in digital art, which are still largely developed  by men. Over the past twenty years, the studio’s activities have evolved in step with technology, new artistic practices, and burgeoning communities, but our political relevance remains constant.

Our center is unique in the Montreal cultural landscape. Montreal is a cultural metropolis known for its artists and festivals that highlight the digital arts. However, women and marginalized communities continue to be severely underrepresented.

Studio XX’s mandate confronts this inequality head on. Our society may be wired and plugged in, but the structure is still rigid top-down patriarchal. Feminist battles have expanded over time to include trans people and dissenter’s rights, indigenous and artists from many cultural communities. It is important to acknowledge that innovations often emerge from marginalized communities and XX endeavors to recognize and support this kind of innovation.To these artists, creators, critical thinkers and passionate activists, XX offers tools and expertise for collaboration on shared values as well as to establish a strong space for encounter in order to push our discipline as far as we can.

Whether you are a member of Studio XX or not, if you feel that your role and expertise within a local, national or international arts community context matches our mandate and philosophy, please submit your application by 15 March 2015, at the following address:
programmation at



Interested candidates should send the following documents by email :

  • A letter of intention (1 page maximum), specify your interest in becoming a member of the programming committee;
  • A CV (3 pages maximum)


The programming committee will be divided into three sections:

  • Artistic vision: responsible for the regular programming of Studio XX, including the HTMlles festival and selecting the artists-in-residence.
  • Production / Laboratory / Workshops: responsible for programming workshops and activities related to developing the lab.
  • Education and Community Outreach: responsible for defining educational projects and community member projects.


By participating in the programming committee, you will be responsible for defining and ensuring that the artistic vision of the organization is in line with the mandate. Your membership on the committee will require you to:

  • attend regular meetings (on average, once every two months) of the sub-committee  you are participating in.
  • participate in different jury selection processes.